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November 13, 2019: Mitch is presenting at the AgoraPulse Virtual Summit, “10 Legal Strategies to Protect Agencies and Social Media Managers”

November 13, 2019: Mitch is a guest on the CEB (Continuing Education of the Bar) “Business of Law Webinar Series”

November 11, 2019: Lisa and Mitch are guests on Bernard Nomberg’s “Nombert Law Live”

November 6, 2019: Mitch is a guest on the LegalTalk Network

November 4, 2019: Mitch is guest lecturing at Chapman University (Professor Niklas Myhr’s Marketing and Social Media Class)

October 9, 2019: Mitch is the guest on the “Social Pro Podcast” with Jay Baer and Adam Brown (Social Pros is one of the most popular marketing podcasts in the world, and was recently named the best podcast at the Content Marketing Awards).

October 1, 2019: “How to Find Success as a Young Lawyer” via Nicole Abboud and Attorney at Work (Nicole shares one of Mitch’s favorite business success approaches)

September 26, 2019: Mitch interviewed by top social media influencer, Kim Garst (private mastermind event), sharing business and legal tips for online business owners

September 24, 2019: Mitch interviewed by YouTube influencer, Sean Cannell, of Think Media about doing business online in Sean’s private community

June 6-7, 2019: Mitch is speaking at the Maximum Lawyer Conference, St. Louis, MO (TBA)

June 2019: Mitch will be speaking at Social Media Day San Diego

March 1 and 2, 2019: Entrepreneurial Attorney Summit 2019

February 5, 2019: Mitch is a guest on Bob Burg’s “Go-Giver” podcast

January 29, 2019: Mitch is a guest on Rebekah Radice‘s “Brand Authority” Podcast

January 23rd, 2019: Understanding and Living the Social Media Mindset for Lawyers on the Maximum Lawyer Podcast

January 17th, 2019: Mitch is the guest on Jon Ferrara/Nimble’s “Influencer Hacking Webinar”

December 27th, 2018: Mitch interviewed on Deb Krier’s Power Hour

12-11-18: Mitch Jackson’s new book, “The Ultimate Guide to Social Media for Business Owners, Professionals and Entrepreneurs” debuts as a #1 Best Seller and #1 “New Release” in two categories on Amazon!

December 6, 2018: Mitch interviewed by Adrian Dayton of Clear View Social “Outperform Your Competition on Social Media”

December 5, 2018: Mitch interviewed on Women Ignite International (business and law)

November 28, 2018: Mitch Jackson featured in new article, “All-Star Panel Peers into the Future of Digital Media 2019”

November, 21, 2018: Mitch Jackson interviewed on “The Business Power Hour” with Deb Krier

November 4, 2018: Mitch Jackson interviewed on the “Digital Slice Podcast”

October 2018: Mitch Jackson guest lecture at Chapman University (Marketing and Social Media Branding/Live Video)

September 12th-14th, 2018: PILMMA Super Summit in St. Louis, MO (Mitch Jackson Keynote)

September 11th, 2018: Mitch profiled in “Creating Compelling Content Using Videos, Podcasts, and Other Marketing” at Legalnomics 2018

September 10th, 2018: David Meerman Scott profiles Mitch Jackson at the National Speakers Association [19 min mark]

August 24th, 2018: Mitch Jackson profiled in “Follow These Pros For Social Media Marketing Best Practices

August 2018: Speaking at Tony Robbins Business Mastery Event (Las Vegas)

August 7th, 2018: Interview- “Story Telling Lawyers on Video” with Mitch Jackson via Nicole Giantonio’s LeftFoot podcast

August 2nd, 2018: Mitch Jackson interviewed on the Dominate Law Podcast (“Share Your Why and Passions on Social Media”)

July 16th, 2018: What 10 Social Media Professionals Say Should Be Your Top Priority Right Now | Mitch Jackson named one of 10 experts in new Forbes article

July 15th, 2018: Mitch Jackson called a “Newsjacking God” during keynoteby David Meerman Scott at the National Speakers Association (Video)

July 11th, 2018: Spotlighting Your “Whys” in Your Digital Marketing Strategy | Mitch Jackson interviewed by Gyi Tsakalakis and Kelly Street on the Legal Talk Network

July 9th, 2018: Follow These Pros For Social Media Marketing Best Practices | Including Mitch Jackson

June 29th, 2018: Social Media Day San Diego

June 14, 2018: “Courtroom Influence” | Bob Burg, Author of “The Go-Giver,” Interviews Mitch Jackson

June 1st, 2018: “World of Speakers” Interview: Mitch shares his secret sauce when it comes to winning cases, building relationships, and adding value from the stage.

May 17th-18th: Maximum Lawyer Conference (speaking) in St. Louis, Missouri

May 2018: Speaking at Ohio Association for Justice

May 2018: Inside The Mind Of A Real-Time Marketing Master (Profiles Partner Mitch Jackson) via the Growth Institute

February 2018: Influencer Marketing Contracts (21 Clauses That Should be in Every Contract) – Mitch interviewed by Tyler Anderson CEO of Casual Fridays

April 20th: Interview with James Publishing- How Lawyers Can Embrace Social Media

April 19, 2018: “The 7 Legal and Business Ethics of Twitter Marketing” (Twitter Chat and Live Video Interview)

April 18, 2018: Interview: Interview Agreements for Podcasters and Livestreamers

April 11, 2018: What Every Business Owner Can Learn About The “Attorney-Client Privilege” From Donald Trump, Sean Hannity and Michael Cohen

March 22, 2018: Social Media For Lawyers with Adrian Dayton of Clear View Social

March 2018: “Become a Social Media Superhero” interview of Mitch Jackson by David Bitton of Practice Panther Law Practice Management Software

March 12, 2018: Podcast Interview: The 3 keys to success with Mitch Jackson

March 7-10, 2018: ABA Techshow in Chicago (AR, VR, MR in litigation and trial)

March 5, 2018: Interview on the “Indie Express” with Mitch sharing his favorite 10 ways to start a speech, presentation or negotiation.

March 1, 2018: Speaking: Internet Bootcamp for Lawyers in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

February 14, 2018: “Augmented Reality in the Courtroom” with Sam Glover on the Lawyerist Podcast.

January 30, 2018: Newsjacking Sextortion Law – Nimble PR Hacking with Trial Lawyer Mitch Jackson

January 26, 2018: Livestreaming Your Ass Off (Mitch is mentioned in John Fisher’s fantastic post)

January 3, 2018: 65 Experts Share Why Solopreneurship Is a Grand Slam, And How to Avoid Striking Out

December 20, 2017: “Using #VR, #AR, #MR, #AI, 360 Video, Live Video, and Sensory Devices in the Courtroom” (Cloud Cloud New Orleans)

November 28, 2017: Mitch Jackson quoted in “Livestreaming & Digital Media: 91 Predictions for 2018”

November 27, 2017: “Web 100: Best law Twitter” via the ABA Journal (Mitch Jackson’s Twitter account @MitchJacksonincluded in 2017 list)

November 20, 2017: 23+ Business Livestreaming Tips To Help Stay Safe (and Legal) on Social Media!

November 18, 2017: Mitch quoted in “The Next Frontier for Virtual Reality: Courtrooms” in Bloomberg Law

November 7, 2017: Guest re Social Media and the Law via Women Ignite International

November 2, 2017: Mitch and J&W mentioned in David Meerman Scott’s article “Periodic Table of Link Building Includes Newsjacking”

November 2, 2017: All-In-One Social Media Podcast Interview (legal tips for online businesses)

October 20, 2017: Mitch profiled Jennifer Quinn’s new book, “Leverage Livestreaming to Build Your Brand: Start, Master, and Monetize Live Video.”

October 19, 2017: Guest lecture in classroom of Keith Shannon, M.A., J.D., Central Piedmont Community College

October 16, 2017: Guest expert consultant interview re Stephanie Liu’s online social media and livestreaming “Lights, Camera and Action” course

October 9, 2017: Guest on the Maximum Legal Podcast (social and digital for professionals)

October 5, 2017: Mentioned in Above the Law’s “4 Trends Shaping The Future Of The Legal Profession”

October 3, 2017: Mitch was a guest on the global Twitter Chat #SocialROI (topic was Newsjacking)

September 25-26, 2017: Speaking at Clio Cloud Conference in New Orleans (legal tech)

September 20, 2017: Profiled at “This Attorney Can Teach You More About Building a Brand Using Social Media Than Any Marketing Book”

September 18, 2017: Interviewed on The Nimble Show and shared branding hacking tips

September 18, 2017: Interviewed on The Chris Voss Show re Social Media Business law

September 8, 2017: Mentioned in “How Conservative Industries Have Embraced LinkedIn and Employee Advocacy” byMelonie Dodaro

September 1, 2017: Profiled in this month’s Orange County Attorney Journal magazine

September 2017: Obtained dismissal of $5,000,000 live video defamation case

August 2017: Tony Robbins Business Mastery Event with David Meerman Scott (pics here)

August 3, 2017: Lights, Camera, Live with Stephanie Liu (live video legal tips for digital businesses)

August 1, 2017: How Lawyers can use Social Media to Build Their Brand and Show Their Human Side via the Ohio Association for Justice

July 31, 2017: Amazing Human Series; Mitch Jackson

July 10, 2017: Interview with Colleen & Bradley MyTalk 107.1 radio re Kardashian and Blac Chyna #RevengePorn case

July 5, 2017: Quoted in USA Today re “Rob Kardashian’s X-rated online rant against Blac Chyna could be a crime”

July 2017: Consultant: Ch. 54, Electronic and Social Media Evidence, in “Effective Introduction of Evidence in California”

June 30, 2017: Speaker: Social Media Day San Diego- “The Law and Social Media” (update here)

June 26, 2017: Guest on Bryan and Courtney Kramer | PureMatter #H2HChat (Topic: #H2H Negotiation- How to Remain Human in High Stakes Business Negotiations)

May 22, 2017: Speaker: Summit on Content Marketing

May, 2017: Guest on The Growth Goal Podcast (live video and social media for lawyers w/ Alycia Mitchell Kinchloe)

May 3, 2017: Partner, Mitch Jackson, named to “Top 50 Social Media Influencers of 2017”

March 16, 2017: Interview and presentation for Officer Tim Burrows (ret) of Law Enforcement Social Media Conference

March 15, 2017: Guest lecture on law, business, and social media at Chapman University

March 2017: Contributor to new book, “Shame Nation” by Sue Scheff with Melissa Schorr

March 10, 2017: Become a Social Media Superhero- 7 principals to winning more business and trust online

March 9, 2017: 6 Live-Streaming Rock Stars to Electrify Your Video Strategy (mentioned)

March 7, 2017: 95 Experts Reveal Their 3 “Must-Do’s” for Solopreneur Success (mentioned)

March 7, 2017: The 7 Ps of Live Streaming Success by Professor Niklas Myhr (mentioned)

March 6, 2017: Presenting at Rotary Conference- Interact

March 3, 2017: PRSA Western District Conference re: livestreaming

February, 2017: 6 Teen “Hookup” Apps Parents Should Know About (quoted)

February 22, 2017 (Los Angeles): Speaker and panelists (video) at the Summit.Live Los Angeles based event- a culmination of creative energy from storytellers in virtual and augmented reality, apps, live video and more

February, 2017: Social Media Mastery with Mitch Jackson (Australian lawyer Chris Hargreaves podcast)

February 18, 2017: Mitch is guest on #RoamHowl Podcast: Topic- “Daring to be Different”

February, 2017: Digital Assistance in the Practice of Law (Legal Talk Network Podcast)

February, 2017: Guest appearance in NY high school class to answer questions about law

February 15, 2017: pre-promotion interview/event (law, live video and drones)

February 9, 2017: Police Officer Patrick Fitzgibbons, “How Criminal Justice Professionals Can Become Better Negotiators”

February 8, 2017: Tom Sinclaire of Eastern Shore Broadcasting and Mitch chat about IP and copyright laws when livestreaming

February 8, 2017: Ken Hardison | Law Practice Adviser interviews Mitch about “Newsjacking”

December 20, 2016: Livestreamingand Online Broadcasting: 88 Predictions for 2017.

December 15, 2016 (San Diego): Sharing social media/legal tips at The San Diego Tourism Authority

November 14-17, 2016 (Cabo, Mexico) Chris Lema’s CaboPress, a WordPress Mastermind Retreat

October 12, 2016: Guest Lecture at Chapman University re social media, live streaming and entrepreneurship

October 6, 2016: Mitch Jackson is interviewed by criminal justice professional and expert, Patrick Fitizgibbons!

October 6, 2016: Presentation: Chicago Mastermind Experience (law, tech and social media)

September 28, 2016: Interview with Matt Crane re Business Success Tips and Mindset on “Power of Great” Podcast

September 22, 2016 (Salt Lake City, UT) PILMMA’s Super Summit Agenda: “Marketing to Millennials”

August 24, 2016: Interview by Vicki Fitch Live “9 Legal and Entrepreneurial Tips To Help You Start and Build Your Online Business”

August 23, 2016: Interview by Samantha Collier “How Lawyers Can Protect Their Social Media Communities”

August 18, 2016: (#MediaChat) about “Doing The Right Thing (legally and ethically) on social media

August 11, 2016: Mitch Jackson named 2016 Southern California Super Lawyer

June 16, 2016: Mitch is interviewed by Michelle Drouin, Ph.D., Professor of Psychology, Indiana University-Purdue University about distracted driving, cyber-bullying and related legal issues.

June 9, 2016 (Clearwater Florida) ROI Legal Conference- “Livestreaming for Lawyers”

May 10, 2016 (New York via Skype) “Social Media Influencer Law, Liability and Legal Issues”

April 27, 2016: Mitch Jackson referenced in Wall Street Journal article about live streaming video

April 18-19, 2016 (San Diego) Social Media Marketing World (Hosting “legal tips” Table Talks)

March 5, 2016 (California) Rotary District 5320 District Training Conference (live streaming)

March 2, 2016 (Atlanta) Live Stream Summit- Live Video Boot Camp

February 2016: Quoted in @MarkwSchaefer article, “The uncomfortable state of content marketing metrics”

January 19, 2016: Speaker- Why Being Decisive Is Crucial To Business Success! (online)

January 19 2016: Speaker- Legal Marketing Association: “Livestreaming: What is it and is it for lawyers? (online)

January 14-17 2016: Speaker/panelists at The Periscope Community Summit San Francisco offering ground-breaking speeches, meet ups and more

December 31, 2015: Mitch’s predictions shared with top social media experts in “Social Media Marketing: 50+ Predictions for 2016” via Carlos Gil

December 30, 2015: “Folks to Watch in 2016” via Chris Lema

December 22, 2015: Mitch Jackson Consults for CEB’s “Effective Introduction of Evidence” (social media)

December 10, 2015: Webinar- Mitch joins David Meerman Scott on Real World PR to talk about Newsjacking

Interview: Legal Marketing Matters: An Interview with Mitch Jackson via Montina Portis

Speaking: Sharing live streaming apps and talking business with Chapman University Students

Interview: Jennifer Quinn of The Daily Q Show interviews Mitch Jackson

Interview: Mitch Jackson and Judge Alex Ferrer

Interview: Mitch Jackson and music lawyer, Evita Kaigler

October 2015: Mitch Jackson | Panelist at the Above the Law Academy for Private Practice in New York

September 22-24, 2015: Panelist/speaker re social media and law at Periscope NY

July 16-18, 2015: “How to use Newsjacking to expand your sphere of influence, build new relationships, and market your practice”(PILMMA Summit Fort Worth Texas)

May 2015: Mitch’s Spreecast “12 Ways to Share Content on Social Media”

May 2015: Mitch interview by Jason Falls and Tania Danka “How to kick ass and take names during negotiation”

April 2015: Mitch Jackson Speaking at ROI2015 (using mobile tech to build relationships)

April 2015: How to Develop a Unique Digital Presence That Knocks People’s Socks Off with Mitch Jackson

March 2, 2016: How Mitch Jackson Wins Social Media Friends and Influences Juries

December 16, 2014: “Leveraging Your Database” (PILMMA webinar- Gold Members)

12-02-14: How to Use Technology to Create Better Client Relationships (ABA Law Tech Blog)

10-28-14: New Podcast with D.J. Waldow (How Trial Lawyer, Mitch Jackson, Communicates with Passion)

10-17-14: Senior Partner, Lisa Wilson, Wins Rotary Ethics in Business Award!

10-07-14: Senior Partner interviewed/quoted in October 2014 ABA Journal

10-01-14: Senior Partner quoted/interviewed in October 2014 California Lawyer Magazine

08-11-14: Interview- “How Mitch Jackson, Trial Lawyer of the Year, Takes Social Media for Lawyers to a Whole Different Level”

08-11-14: Article in Owner Magazine: “Six Principles to Win Friends and Influence People on Social Media”

07-14-14: Interview: Six Principles to Win Friends & Influence People on Social Media

07-10-14: Interview in “Above the Law” about lawyers using Google Glass and other wearable tech

07-01-14: Partner article, “Negotiate Like an Owner” in Owner Magazine

06-27-14: New “Top Attorney” News Update (video)

06-23-14: Partner selected by AVVO as a 2014 Top Attorney

06-11-14: Partner article: “10 Ways for Lawyers to Share and Re-Purpose News on Social Media” featured at Attorney Marketing Center Blog

06-10-14: New SlideShare “A Trial Lawyer’s Negotiation Secrets- 3 Decades of Tips and Approaches”

05-09-14: Speaking at the “ROI2014” in Clearwater, Florida “How to use Newsjacking to expand your sphere of influence, build new relationships and market your practice!”

05-05-14: How Pinterest is working for this top trial lawyer (James Publishing)

04-24-2014: Let American Know Spreecast (Let America Know is endorsed by the American Association for Justice, the Consumer Attorneys of California, the Texas Trial Lawyers Association and the Iowa, Minnesota, New Jersey, Tennessee and Wisconsin Associations for Justice) direct link here

04-14-14: Interview re Police Misconduct and Excessive Use of Force (Legally Speaking show)

04-07-2014: Legally Speaking panel presentation on tort reform

04-03-14: Let America Know | AAJ Spreecast Seminar re lawyers using social media

04-01-2014: Interview with Alexander Hays (Australian National University) re Google Glass (video)

03-19-2014: American Bar Association Litigation Technology Resource Center shares article by Senior Partner

03-10-2014: Mitch Jackson speaks to business and marketing classes at Chapman University

03-05-2014: J&W profiled in article by best selling author and speaker, David Meerman Scott

03-03-2014: Legal updates and commentary on the Oscar Pistorius | Reeva Steenkamp South African Murder Trial

02-19-2014: Mitch Jackson and Lisa Wilson participate as judges in local Rotary speech contest

02-10-2014: Mitch Jackson and Seth Everett of Fox Sports re Michael Sam (NFL Gay Player issue) on Spreecast

02-06-2014: Senior Partner participates on panel discussion at Western State School of Law

02-04-2014: Senior Partner Listed in “Top Voices in Law & Policy

02-03-2014: Commentary- Who Is Responsible for the Death of Philip Seymour Hoffman?



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