Is Web3 a Fad?

Is the promised nirvana of Web3 a real thing? Has inflation, layoffs, and an upside-down global supply chain and digital market revealed a vulnerable, raw underbelly of massive Web3 financial exposure surrounded by smoke, mirrors, and hype?

My guest this week is Marc Agnelos. He has three decades of FinTech career experience on Wall Street. Mark’s brilliance has been featured in Bloomberg, Traders Magazine, CNBC, FX Algo News, The Tilt, and dozens of other top platforms and shows. Marc will be sharing his thoughts on all this and more during our one-hour live social audio chat. Live Q&A is encouraged.

We go live this Wednesday, July 6, 2022, at Noon PDT (3 PM ET) on LinkedIn live audio. RSVP and join us here.

Web3 Legalities (Freedom with NFTs Podcast Interview)

It was fun joining Lauren Turton as an expert guest on her podcast. In this episode we dived deep and shared tips about:

    • Legal situations to be aware of in the NFT space
    • What steps to take to be legally protected during your NFT journey
    • Why meetings in the Metaverse are beneficial
    • My favorite virtual meetings spaces