Important NFT Legal Tips

If you’re playing in the NFT sandbox, you MUST watch this interview, take notes and understand what my dear friend, attorney Ira Rothken, and his business partner, Richard Taub, share in this interview.

Ira and I have done at least a dozen shows together sharing legal tips about Web3. Our most recent from inside the metaverse is here.

It’s amazing how many creators, artists and entrepreneurs don’t appreciate all of the legal land minds that are facing them each day with minting, buying, selling, investing, and playing in the Web3 spaces.

Ira is the OG when it comes to being a coder, tech lawyer, investor and tech/web3 startup guy. His influence and finger prints are behind many of the projects you see on your phone each and every day. Again, give this a watch and please pay attention to the details.

I’m Giving Away an NFT!

I’m excited to announce that on Thursday, September 15, 2022, I’m giving away an exclusive NFT from my “Harbor and Ocean 2023” collection on OpenSea. The VR version can be found in the Spatial metaverse.

My team will select the winner from our Discord community.

To be eligible, share which piece you’d like to have in either the Discord “general” or “art-collections” channel and share why it resonates with you. If you’re not on Discord, you can always PM me.

Good luck!

We’ve been busy in the ManeuVR Discord (Web3/Metaverse)

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Join us here

Special Event for all Web3 Artists, Creators and Entrepreneurs in the Spatial Metaverse

This special event is for all the Web3 artists, creators, and entrepreneurs in the Spatial Metaverse.

World-renowned lawyers Mitch Jackson and Ira Rothken are taking the stage and answering all your Web3 and Metaverse questions. They won’t pull any punches and will share what you need to know moving forward.

They’ll be no business pitches or promotions. The ONLY thing Mitch and Ira are interested in doing is answering your questions and adding massive value to our Spatial community.

Join the community on Thursday, September 8, at 11 am PDT (2 pm ET | 7 pm London) in our Urban venue and get your questions answered.

Stop by anytime and say hello. They’ll be in and out of the space, along with team members, between now and the event.

If you know an artist, creator, or entrepreneur struggling with the business and legal side of Web3, please invite them to the event.

Here’s the link

It’s FREE. Mitch and Ira’s only goal is to add value and help keep the community safe.