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Jay Baer

“You are probably the best in the world at lawyers using social media.” -Jay Baer

Jay is one of the top marketing professionals on the planet. He’s a hype-free digital marketing and customer service strategist, speaker, New York Times best-selling author of six books, and a technology investor. He founded Convince & Convert in 2008, and it is his fifth multi-million dollar venture. Connect with Jay and click here to listen to the full episode of our podcast episode.


Shama Hyder

shama hyder
“Being truly human and connecting in today’s tech age isn’t easy, but if anyone exemplifies how best to engage people in the new digital ecosystem it is Mitch Jackson. If you have the chance to learn or work with Mitch, consider yourself lucky. The ROI of the value provided is undoubtedly going to be worth it.”

Shama Hyder– CEO of The Marketing Zen Group and known as the “Zen Master of Marketing” by Entrepreneur Magazine and the “Millennial Master of the Universe” by Fast Company; Shama is an acclaimed international keynote speaker who has been invited to share the speaking stage with the world’s top leaders, including President Obama and the Dalai Lama.


David Meerman Scott

“Mitch is a master connector. He’s humanized his law practice with online content and through social networking. In fact he does such a great job that I’ve written about him in my books and discuss his ideas in my many speaking engagement’s around the world.”

David Meerman Scott, international bestselling author of “The New Rules of Sales and Service” and nine other books. David is an internationally acclaimed marketing and sales strategists who has spoken on all 7 continents and in 40 different countries. His book, “The New Rules of Marketing & PR is in its 4th edition and has been translated into 26 languages. It’s used as a text book in hundreds of universities and business schools worldwide.


Rebekah Radice

Rebekah Radice is the founder of Rebekah Radice Media, a premier training and development company and the co-founder of, women-owned digital marketing and CX Design firm.

She’s also the author of “Social Media Mastery: A Comprehensive Guide to Strategic Growth,” and the creator of “The Authority Matrix,” a powerful personal brand building tool used by Fortune 500 executives to leverage employee influence and advocacy.

Rebekah is an award-winning blogger, recognized two years in a row for her contributions to the social media industry. As an International Keynote Speaker, Rebekah has been featured at over 200 events, including the NATO International Summit.


Chris Brogan


“Mitch Jackson leverages online channels like video and social networks to reach out and connect with people both on a personal level as well as a professional level. His efforts have taken him from being successful in his offline world to finding a whole new level of influence online, as well. In a very short time, Mitch has been able to reach out and connect with a lot of successful online influencers, and has been able to translate this into mutual value. Beyond all this, he’s a great guy and doing yeoman work. I recommend him without hesitation.”

Chris Brogan, CEO Owner Media Group; New York Times bestselling author of 9 books and listed by Forbes as one of the Must Follow Marketing Minds of 2014 while also recognizing Chris’ website as one of the 100 best websites for entrepreneurs.


The Social Pros “Year in Review” (2020) highlights
with Jay Baer, Adam Brown and Anna Hrach.

You can listen to the full episode here.


Gary Vaynerchuk


“I first met Mitch in Orange County at a LinkedOC event. Since then we’ve stayed connected on Twitter, Spreecasts and enjoyed a few podcasts together. I’ve watched Mitch’s use of social and he does a great job of connecting and engaging others at a very human level on the various digital platforms.”

Gary Vaynerchuk is the co-founder and CEO of VaynerMedia, NY Times bestselling author and internationally acclaimed social media marketing expert and speaker


Chris Lema

Chris Lema: Product strategist, public speaker and blogger extraordinaire.


Bryan Kramer

“Mitch Jackson is the anomaly. His approach is open and empathetic, yet determined at every turn to bring a conclusion to the case. I always felt educated about the status and that decisions were being made together. Having a guide like Mitch through the legal system isn’t just necessary, it’s critical.”

Bryan Kramer [TED Talk & Keynote Speaker, CEO PureMatter]


Bob Burg

“Mitch Jackson is the real deal. Rarely have I seen anyone combine high tech with high touch in such a powerful, effective and uplifting way. He’s as authentic as they come and is absolutely focused on providing exceptional value to the lives of everyone he touches!

Bob Burg, international bestselling author, speaker and coauthor of “The Go-Giver” and author of  “Adversaries Into Allies: Win People Over Without Manipulation or Coercion”

Tyler Anderson


“Mitch Jackson is hands down one of my favorite people in the industry. I first met Mitch in 2014 when he attended my event Social Media Day San Diego. I knew Mitch from afar and had always respected his approach and expertise in the digital space. Since then, we’ve developed a solid friendship, and I consider him one of the most respected thought-leaders in our industry. So much so, Mitch is one of the people I turn to speak at my events on digital marketing, strategy, and of course, anything legal with digital marketing.”

Tyler Anderson is the founder and chief strategy officer of Casual Fridays, a leading digital & social media marketing agency trusted by some of the biggest brands in the hospitality, tourism, non-profit, education, and entertainment industries.


Brian Solis

brian solis
“Mitch is a rare breed of early adopters who can bring what’s next from the edge back to the center to help everyone understand what’s coming and what to do about it.”

Brian Solis, digital analyst, anthropologist, and futurist. In his work at Altimeter Group, Solis studies the effects of disruptive technology on business and society. He is an avid keynote speaker and award-winning best-selling author who is globally recognized as one of the most prominent thought leaders in digital transformation.


Sally Hogshead

sally hogshead

“Many leaders know how to talk. Mitch shows us how to actually share a message. His insight, knowledge, and incomparable touch make him the consummate communicator.”

Sally Hogshead– Hall of Fame speaker, best-selling author, and the world’s leading expert on fascination.


Brandon Farbstein



“Mitch Jackson is exactly who you want having your back. While elevating my platform and speaking career, legal issues and needs naturally happen. When a potential issue was unfolding, Mitch shared specific ideas and actions with me on how to handle it. We got everything completely resolved in a matter of a few days, and he helped me alleviate a lot of stress over the holidays.

I am extremely grateful for his above-and-beyond mindset and invaluable insight. Mitch is the best in the business, and I would HIGHLY recommend working with him!”

Brandon Farbstein– 20 Year Old Empowerment Speaker | Instagram’s 19Under19 @farbstein | website


Ryan Bell


“Mitch Jackson doesn’t just advise, he connects.  As a tech leader in VR and live video I’ve shifted any of my legal needs to his firm because he understands the landscape and the language.  That knowledge of what’s going on in tech saves me and my team valuable time… and comes with the added benefit of having an external friend and consultant.  Mitch Jackson is seen by many on my team as, quite simply, another member.”

Ryan A Bell– Media at NASA JPL (Congrats on the Emmy!)


Brian Fanzo

“Mitch Jackson is a social leader and professional that I use as a benchmark for executives whom I coach on personal branding and how to engage and build relationships on Social Media. Although we never talked about his law practice, I would recommend him to friends, family and business partners because of his authenticity, leadership and all around passion for connecting people and social good!”

Brian Fanzo, Keynote Speaker | Leading Digital & Social Business Change (on Twitter @iSocialFanz) #PressTheDamnButton 😉

Bob Schukai

Bob Schukai, Head of Advanced Product Innovation at Thomson Reuters (ABA Tech Show 2015) shares some kind words…


Alex Pettitt

alex pettitt

“Mitch has done nothing but good for the social community and is someone who is trusted and highly regarded by myself and many others in this space. He provides incredibly valuable and consistently worthwhile content to many around the world and is a true educator and trailblazer. Most importantly, he’s there for you. Mitch has personally provided with invaluable advice and guidance in the past, and I’m lucky enough not just to call him a great lawyer, but my friend.”

Alex Pettitt is an award winning broadcaster, brand, media and biz expert, and top livestreaming personality on Periscope and other platforms.


Jon Ferrara | CEO Nimble


“Mitch Jackson is one of the most unique Human Beings I know and the fact that he is a Lawyer makes him even more amazing. He lives every day to help the people around him become better, smarter, faster by inspiring and educating people about how they can grow. It’s an honor to know him and I am proud to call him my friend.”
Jon Ferrara

Jon Ferrara is an American entrepreneur and the founder of Nimble. He is also best known as the co-founder of GoldMine Software Corp, one of the original contact management software companies.


Sue B. Zimmerman


“Mitch Jackson is the epitome of someone who does social media right who is in the service based business. He is creative and approachable – always giving value to the audience he serves. Mitch is my go to example when I speak about how to use Instagram for those in service based industries.”

Sue B. Zimmerman a speaker and expert on Instagram. She teaches entrepreneurs and marketing pros how to use Instagram to get tangible results


Chris Lema

chris lema
“Mitch Jackson brings a rare combination of intelligence, clarity of communication, and strategy when it comes to helping people leverage technology and social media to further their business goals. I highly recommend that you pay attention to what he has to share.”

Chris Lema, CTO & Chief Strategist, Crowd Favorite


Tim McDonald

tim mcdonald
“Mitch is living proof that you can be professional and personable at the same time in business. He is one of the best communicators I know and proves this in the way he teaches others how to be effective in communicating. Whether it be speaking, writing or using video, Mitch demonstrates what he teaches.”

Tim McDonald– Changing the world. Making a social impact. Believer of loving all. Purveyor of Purpose @BTCrevolutions | Previous Director of Community at The Huffing Post – Team #NoKidHungry | Stories From The Streets (changing lives, one conversation at a time) | Be The Change Revolutions


Bryan Elliott

“Mitch and his team are expert communicators who understand the fast-moving targets of digital and social and weave in the very much needed human and relationship aspect of business. A lot of people can talk theory or great ideas, Mitch actually executes, usually with amazing results. It’s my pleasure to write a few words of recommendation. I’ve always felt that’s “It’s not business, it’s only personal.” Human.Social is a place where they walk the talk.”

Bryan Elliott is Executive producer, writer & host of The GoodBrain Digital Studios, a full-service production company focused on great storytelling


Professor Niklas Myhr

“Mitch Jackson is most definitely a giver as he is extremely generous with his sound and insightful advice regarding all matters human interaction. To me, it is no surprise that Mitch is having a significant impact on people way beyond his courtrooms as he aptly translates the life lessons learned in such a high-pressure communications context to valuable communications tips to people from all walks of life including my grateful students. Mitch’s interest in people is sincere and he is an extremely empathetic listener which allows him to find the perfect blend of professional and human elements of communication whether it be on or offline.”

Niklas Myhr, The Social Media Professor | Chapman University |


Gerry Oginski

“Want to know how I got to know my good friend Mitch Jackson, a California Personal Injury Attorney while I’m a Personal Injury Attorney from NY? The answer is from social media. Mitch has utilized social media and shown attorneys exactly how it works and how to build relationships using different social media. From his Spreecasts with celebrities to Google+ and Facebook, he is the go-to person for how social media helps you interact with your consumers and clients.

He is always helpful and willing to share his knowledge and expertise with others simply by connecting on social media. He is a true ‘go-giver’ as Bob Burg describes and you get to know him by his willingness to help others.

I am proud to call Mitch Jackson a good friend and a social media colleague. We are from different coasts; he’s West Coast and I’m East Coast. We handle similar cases where we both help injured victims obtain compensation for their injuries. I have learned much from Mitch about how to use social media and I hope he has picked up a thing or two about video marketing from me over the years.

Want to learn how to be social? Follow Mitch and reach out to him on social media. Really…it’s well worth your time.”

Gerry Oginski- Founder, Lawyers Video Studio and NY Medical Malpractice Trial Lawyer


Jeff Fluhr

“Mitch is an amazing social networker and an all-around likable guy. I’ve watched his spreecasts and have been really impressed with his guests and the content. He’s had so many notable people join him including Seth Godin, Leigh Steinberg and Chris Brogan. Its not at all surprising that influential people from many walks of life want to talk to Mitch because he asks great questions, he’s extremely smart, and most of all, he’s a super nice guy.”

Jeff Fluhr, CEO and Co-Founder at Spreecast and former founder and CEO of StubHub


Tyler Anderson and Sue B. Zimmerman

Very kind words from social media marketing experts, Tyler Anderson (Founder/CEO at Casual Fridays | Social Media Social Hour Podcast | Social Media Day San Diego) and Sue B. Zimmerman (Instagram Expert | Social Media Consultant | Founder of Insta-Results | Paid Speaker | Author | Business Coach)


David Ward

“Mitch Jackson is the savviest connector I know. He understands that building a successful business is a function of making connections and delivering value and he does this consistently, passionately, and with a generous heart. He also has a beautiful wife who makes him do it.”

David Ward, Attorney Marketing Center- Lawyer and legal marketing expert and speaker


Chrissie Lightfoot

Chrissie and Mitch 2
“Mitch is a lawyer of tomorrow, today. He’s the kind of lawyer and business man who can make rain shine. Totally client focused with an aptitude to make you feel like the most special and important person in the world.

Mitch reaches out and touches you where it matters most – in your mind and heart. He builds a relationship with you fast, to last; seemingly effortlessly – it’s his human nature and star quality.

He’s a rainmaker lawyer (of the truly naked kind), meaning he’s not afraid to be transparent, ‘say it as it is’ and do the extraordinary in order to get things done in a top quality fashion… and all for your benefit. I feel blessed that our paths crossed and entwined. You will too. There’s a reason he’s Top Gun. Enough said.”

Chrissie Lightfoot “The Entrepreneur Lawyer”- Legal Futurist; International Speaker; Personal Brand & Social Media Strategist; Author


Jacob Sapochnick

“Mitch Jackson is not only an authority on Social Media and Communication among lawyers, but also a pioneer when it comes to using online platforms like Spreecast and Google Glass technology. He is a master communicator and has perfected the art of building relationships online. The inspiration to create the came after obeserving among a few other leaders, Mitch work and reach online. I highly recommend him and his company as a trusted guide.”

Jacob Sapochnick, Esq., aka “The Enchanting Lawyer”- Lawyer and legal marketing expert and speaker


Ken Lopez

ken lopez

Very kind words (click image or here) from recent guest, Ken Lopez, Founder and CEO of A2L Consulting, one of the largest and most respected litigation consulting companies in the country


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