AI & The Future of Law: More Time, Better Results!

In this exclusive Instagram live, Francesca Witzberg and yours truly dive deep into the transformative power of AI in the legal practice. Gone are the days of tedious tasks โ€“ welcome the era of streamlined processes, faster outcomes, and profoundly meaningful client experiences.

Mitch challenges our fear of job displacement, reminding us that change is inevitable. The real question is, are you embracing the opportunity and on board?

Find out how YOU can harness the tech wave, embrace AI today, and skyrocket your productivity. PLUS, hear firsthand how we’re pioneering the AI law revolution. The time for change is NOW, and it’s thrilling!

Recording of our Web3, AI and Metaverse Event for Creators, Artists and Entrepreneurs

Here’s the recording of yesterday’s Web3, Metaverse and AI live event. The feedback has been great and I’m glad our community found value in the effort. Thank you to all who shared from the stage, participate in the live Q&A and joined us live in the audience.

Experts shared tips to help web3 creators, artists and entrepreneurs successfully navigate new technologies and opportunities in these exciting new spaces.

To recap, our agenda was as follows:

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Unleash the Power of AI, Web3, and Licensing Rights

In this weekโ€™s episode of “The Screen Lawyer Podcast,” I had the pleasure of sitting down with host and IP lawyer extraordinaire, Pete Salsich III.

Get ready for an engaging conversation as we explore the fascinating world of AI, web3, licensing rights, and the game-changing advantages of establishing your personal brand as a business owner and professional.