New Testimonial from “The Hammer!”


“I was struck by a distracted driver while riding my motorcycle and severely injured. She wasn’t paying attention and changed lanes, hitting me from the side. Her lack of awareness, for just a couple of seconds, changed my life forever.

My injuries were severe. I had surgery and couldn’t walk. I didn’t know what to do. My family and I reached out to Mitch Jackson, and from that point on, all I needed to do was focus on my recovery. Mitch and his team took care of everything else.

This was a challenging case. The lady who hit me didn’t cooperate at all. The COVID pandemic shut down the court system. Even the judge my case was assigned to was publicly reprimanded for his improper decisions on another file. Despite that, Mitch handled all the curve balls thrown his way, stayed positive, and helped me stay positive too.

I met Mitch, his wife Lisa, and their son Garrett on the soccer field. We played on the same elite team for a few years and won championships. I remember Mitch calling me “The Hammer” out on the field because of my physical play.

When I reached out to Mitch to see if he could help me, he said, “Of course, I can, Hammer.” You had Garrett’s back out on the pitch, and I’ll have your back handling this case. I got you. Don’t worry about a thing.”

I’m happy to report that I’m now doing much better. Mitch walked his talk, and the case was settled for policy limits well before trial. I’m now able to move forward with my life. I highly recommend Mitch Jackson, Jackson & Wilson, Inc., and their talented team if you ever need a good lawyer.”

Noah P. (Orange County, CA)

[In the above picture, Noah is at the bottom right and Garrett is second from the bottom left]

Author: Mitch Jackson

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