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Each week, I enjoy sharing both short and long form podcast episodes. The topics include:

(1) Success tips, approaches and ideas acquired over 35 years of representing thousands of business, legal and technology clients;

(2) Conversations with amazing people from around the world who are disrupting industries and creating change. 

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Most Recent

Episode #74: Can you copyright AI artwork and NFTs? (5 min)

Mitch Jackson on the water standing on his paddle board

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Past Episodes

Mitch Jackson Podcast with Mitch standing on his paddleboard out on the water

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Is my NFT a security?
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Smart investors buy low and sell high. Right now, the market is low. Here I share, in less than 3 minutes, an easy and effective investment strategy you may want to take action on or share with someone you care about. It’s focused on leveraging the power of compound interest.

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How GenZ is Leveraging the Power of Web3 and the Metaverse
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Web3 AMA

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