Mitch Jackson’s Web3, AI and Metaverse Mastery 4-Week Live Course

Don’t Be Left Behind!

Stepping into the world of Web3, AI, and the Metaverse can be really confusing, especially if you’re just starting out. It’s easy to feel lost with so many new terms and technologies flying around. In today’s world leveraging this new tech is a necessity if you want to stay relevant and meet your client’s expectations.

But don’t worry! Our “Unlocking Web3 Mastery” course is here to help.

In just four weeks of live Zoom classes, we’ll guide you through each topic, making everything easy to understand. We’ll break down the complicated stuff and answer all your questions, so you can feel confident and ready to use Web3, AI, and the Metaverse. Each week, we’ll build upon the prior week and focus on something new, giving you the knowledge and skills you need in a way that’s straightforward and relatable.

The 4-Week Course

Embark on a transformative journey into the decentralized digital future with “Unlocking Web3 Mastery: Navigate & Leverage the Decentralized Web with Confidence!” This meticulously crafted 4-week online real-time course (via private live Zoom) is designed to usher beginners into the empowering realm of Web3, AI and the Metaverse with clarity and confidence. Taking small and easy to understand weekly steps, we cover:

Week 1: Demystifying Web3 (10/23)

In this foundational week, we introduce participants to the fundamental concepts of Web3, the decentralized internet. Explore the key characteristics, benefits, and challenges of Web3, gaining insights into its transformative potential for digital interactions. This week also guides participants through the crucial process of accessing our 24/7 private community and setting up and securing a digital wallet (both hot and cold wallets), your indispensable tool for engaging with Web3 technologies.

Week 2: Navigating Digital Currency and Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) and Bitcoin Ordinals (10/30)

Dive into the exciting domains of digital currency and NFTs and Bitcoin Ordinals (together described as “Digital Tokens”) in our second week. Gain a solid understanding of how digital currencies operate, including acquiring, storing, and transacting safely and efficiently. Simultaneously, unveil the vibrant world of Digital Tokens, learning how to create, buy, sell, and leverage these unique digital assets for various purposes.

Week 3: Tokenization Using Digital Assets, Decentralized Autonomous Organizations, and Smart Contracts (11/06)

Week three focuses on the revolutionary practice of tokenization using digital tokens. Learn how assets are represented and managed on blockchain networks, understand the significance of token standards, and explore the diverse applications of tokenization in fields like law, business, finance, art, and real estate. Engage with practical examples and case studies that illustrate the transformative impact of tokenization on traditional industries.

We’ll also delve deep into the innovative constructs of DAOs and smart contracts. Understand the principles and processes underpinning DAOs, including their structure, governance, and the opportunities they present for collective decision-making and resource allocation. Further, demystify smart contracts, learning how to develop, deploy, and interact with these automated, self-executing agreements.

Week 4: Dive Deeper with AI & Metaverse Integration: Boost Efficiency & Stay Relevant! (11/13)

Artificial Intelligence: Delve further into the future with this module focusing on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the burgeoning Metaverse. We explore how AI, with tools like ChatGPT and Midjourney, can significantly enhance your business, practice, and Web3 experience. Learn the nuances of integrating AI into your daily operations and practice, understanding how it can:

        • automate tasks,
        • analyze vast sets of data swiftly,
        • provide intelligent insights that drive informed decision-making
        • and create amazing marketing and branding images, movies and talking avatars.This session offers you hands-on experience and practical knowledge in leveraging AI for smoother, more intelligent navigation and utilization of Web3 technologies.

Metaverse: Moreover, immerse yourself in the possibilities opened by the Metaverse—a collective virtual shared space that is created by the convergence of virtually enhanced physical reality, augmented reality, and the internet.

        • gain insights into Mitch’s favorite platforms within the Metaverse,
        • understand distinctive features and learn what works and what’s hype,
        • learn how to communicate, navigate and leverage these spaces for enhanced collaboration, outreach, and engagement in your business or practice.We will provide you with the tools and best practices for effectively integrating into the Metaverse, ensuring you are not just keeping up with the times but staying ahead, ready to harness the next wave of digital transformation with confidence and competence.

Course Highlights:

Your single purchase price not only gives you access to all the above, but you also get complete ongoing access to the following, even after you complete the course:

      • Insightful weekly modules (live Zooms) combining theoretical knowledge with practical insights.
      • Hands-on assignments enabling participants to apply and consolidate learning.
      • Live sessions led by Mitch, offering personalized support and clarification on complex concepts.
      • Access to a Discord community of like-minded learners for networking and collaboration.
      • Access to beautiful custom Metaverse venues you can use 24/7.
      • A curated set of resources and tools designed for continuous learning and reference beyond the course duration.

When You’re Done

Upon completing “Unlocking Web3 Mastery”, participants will not only possess a thorough understanding of Web3’s foundational concepts but also acquire the practical skills and confidence required to navigate and leverage the decentralized Web3, AI and the Metaverse effectively. Whether your goal is to engage with digital currencies, NFTs, DAOs, or explore the broader Web3, AI and Metaverse ecosystems, this course is your gateway to a secure and empowered digital future.

Space is limited so if this course resonates with you, please secure your spot today and take the first step towards mastery of the decentralized digital realm!

BONUS CONSIDERATIONS: Immediate Expert Guidance & Supportive Learning Community: Your Dual Advantage in Mastering Web3!

Live Zooms: Experience the invaluable advantage of live, real-time expert guidance with “Unlocking Web3 Mastery”. This course is not just a passive learning experience but an interactive dialogue where your pressing questions are addressed instantly during our Zoom sessions. Every curiosity, concern, or challenge you might encounter is immediately clarified, ensuring your learning pathway is clear and uncomplicated. This immediate responsiveness enables a learning journey that is not just theoretical but deeply practical and relevant to your unique business or professional needs.

Discord and Metaverse Communities: But the support doesn’t end when the live session concludes. As a participant, you gain exclusive access to a dynamic community of fellow learners and Web3 enthusiasts. Within this supportive network, you can continue the conversation, pose follow-up questions, share insights, and seek advice as you navigate the application of your newfound knowledge in the real world. This continuous, community-backed support ensures you’re never alone in your Web3 journey, providing a reservoir of collective wisdom and experience for you to draw upon as you integrate Web3 technologies into your business or practice.

With “Unlocking Web3 Mastery”, you’re not just enrolling in a course; you’re joining a community dedicated to ensuring your confident and informed immersion into the world of Web3, AI and the Metaverse.

4 weeks ($1,000)

The next session of my four week course starts at 5 pm PT (8 pm ET) on Monday, October 23, 2023. Each Zoom will be two hours long and the course will be take place over 4 consecutive Monday evenings (10/23, 10/30, 11/6 and 11/13). Private recordings will be made available. Participants will get private 24/7 access to the community Discord and resources therein.

To secure your spot, please make your payment using Stripe by clicking here. Once completed, you will receive a welcome email with private course access information and links.