Top Secret Partner

“Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.” -Mike Tyson

Mike has a point. To find success as a lawyer or law school student, you’re going to need a better plan than your competition. Please watch this 3 minute video, review this page, and let me know what you think.


Before diving deep into what my Top Secret Partner service is all about, I’d like to ask you the following four questions:

      • Are you a new lawyer or law school student who’s spending too much time trying to figure things out?

      • Are you a seasoned attorney transitioning to A litigation and trial practice and need help?

      • Do you wish you had access to the wisdom of an experienced award-winning trial lawyer to discuss strategy and get your questions answered?

      • Have you ever wanted to be referred to as a “superstar” by YOUR CLIENTS, partners AND, EVERYONE ELSE at the firm?

If your answer to any of these questions is “YES” (and I’m guessing it’s a big “YES” to most of them), then my private and confidential consulting Top Secret Partner Consulting Service is for you and other…

          • New associates in big firms;
          • Lawyers going out on their own into private practice and,
          • Law school students who are looking for an answers and an edge.

Look, the day I was sworn in (1986), I opened my own law practice. I did my networking in Laguna Beach, California, playing basketball on one of the two courts down on the sand. I exchanged a few hours of my time each week for a mailing address and free conference room space in a friend’s law firm in the Imperial Bank building across from South Coast Plaza. I tried and won my first jury trial 4 months into the practice and have never looked back.

Fast forward to three decades later, and the one thing I’ve learned is that with hustle, experience and opportunity comes success. If you don’t have experience, or the opportunity to gain experience, you’re stuck between a rock and a hard place. Despite your best efforts, success comes VERY slow without the right opportunities and help.

To most new lawyers, success can look like the arrow on the bottom right. The same goes for experienced attorneys who just can’t seem to get unstuck from the grind or for whatever reason, always seem to get the same results over and over:


If you have a coach or mentor with a MASSIVE AMOUNT OF EXPERIENCE, and someone who’s willing to help you, the fact of the matter is that your success journey can look more like the line at the top left instead of the top right. That’s what I had when I started, a group of special lawyers and friends who showed me the ropes and taught me what I didn’t learn in law school.

When you have access to proven answers, approaches and solutions,  you can expedite everything in your legal profession. You can significantly shorten the otherwise long journey most are forced to endure to find success.  This kind of support was invaluable to me and if you know the right “someone,” it will be for you too.

Well, guess what? NOW YOU KNOW THAT SPECIAL “SOMEONE,” and it’s yours truly. My name is Mitch Jackson and I’m that coach and mentor. I’m your new Top Secret Partner.

A few of the Details

When you become part of my private consulting service, you are one email or text away from 35 years of award winning answers, approaches and case winning strategies and techniques. Instead of asking other associates or partners about how to do something, and possibly coming across like you’re not on top of the issues, you can text or email me and I’ll answer your questions, get you going in the right direction and, save you hours of time.

The result? You’ll make a better first impression. You’ll come across like you know what you’re doing– because after my feedback, you will know exactly what to do!

When you jump on your next Zoom call with the partner or client, you’ll be able to share answers, options and solutions that will make the client smile and impress your partner. You’ll be informed and thought of not as a new inexperienced lawyer, but a bright and invaluable asset to the firm.

The Best Part is This is 100% Private and Confidential

Nobody needs to know that I’m your Top Secret Partner. Everything happens in the background. It’s our little secret and my lips are sealed. As a result, the brilliant ideas and innovative strategies YOU bring to the table will be yours and yours alone. I WANT YOU TO BE THE SHINING STAR!


How much is your success worth to you? Is it worth less than a monthly car payment?

My clients consists of two types of people. Which one are you?

#1: You put in the time and effort to get good grades in high school and college. You got into law school and studied your butt off. You passed the bar and become a lawyer!

#2: You’re smack dab right in the middle of the above journey.

I’ve been both these people. Most of you have too. Now, regardless of which person is you, RIGHT NOW, ask yourself this question:

What can I do, right now, to maximize my chances of having a successful legal career?

The fact is, most people spend a majority of their disposable income on things they enjoy, but not necessarily on the things that are going to directly help them advance their legal career. I don’t want you to be like “most people.”

Seriously, the decisions you make today will determine the experiences you have and goals you achieve in the future. Let me say that again,


To help you enjoy these experiences and achieve your goals, I’m consulting with a limited number of motivated legal professionals, in a way that delivers fast and valuable answers to your questions.

Normally if you want to tap into my expertise, my hourly rate is $800-$1,000/hr. After 35 years of big wins, great results, and a few awards along the way, this is what my hourly clients pay me to help them find justice.

Having said this, because of how I have my Top Secret Partner consulting service setup up, I can quickly, easily and efficiently answer your questions via text and email. Most of the new “challenges” you’re struggling with, I’ve successfully handled dozens, if not hundreds of times. As a result, I can pass along massive value to you in this private one on one consulting setting. FYI, I’ve been using a similar approach in my LegalMinds Mastermind (different topic entirely) and the process works very well.

Top Secret Partner Details


Get all of your questions answered, in real-time, via text, email, DM, zoom, phone or frankly, any other way that works for both of us. The sky’s the limit.

If you’re worried about being ready for a new client or hearing in court next week, reach out. If something comes up during a deposition or court hearing, text me and we’ll handle it together. If you get tossed a question during a Zoom, reach out with a text and we’ll make sure you’re ready to handle things in real-time.

All I ask is that whenever possible, we do try to coordinate things so I’m here for you (I’m still a full-time trial lawyer and speaker with my own caseload and outside the courtroom passions).

The annual Gold Plan is $3,000. I believe the access you’ll have to me gives you every advantage possible to make a good impression, win cases, and accelerate your career. For less that what most of your friends are paying for their car lease, I can’t think of a better investment than investing in yourself. In 15-20 years, you’ll know exactly what I mean.

Please note that plan access is subject to my availability during normal business hours, Monday through Friday (9-5) West Coast time, with holidays excluded.

Lock in your introductory low rate for the lifetime of your plan

I expect to raise the Gold Plan rates in 2022 and probably each year thereafter. For those of you who become part of my private consulting community now, I’ll lock in your rate for the life of your subscription and promise to never raise your rates. After all, in business, law and life, the early bird gets the worm.

If you’re ready to move forward, please start with this link and look for my introductory email!

Gold Annual Plan (unlimited) $3,000

Not quite ready and want a bit more information. No problem, here you go…

Keep in mind, not only am I available to help you with the everyday client/partner relationships and law firm advancement challenges, you can also tap into my decades of experience when it comes to approaches and strategies relating to other topics including:

        • Pre-filing considerations;
        • Pleadings and causes of action;
        • Responses, demurrers, motions to strike and answers;
        • Discovery;
        • Law and motion;
        • Settlement negotiations (pre and post filing);
        • Mediations and arbitrations;
        • Pre-trial strategy including experts, witnesses, evidence and motions in limine;
        • Jury selection, opening statements, direct and cross-examination, and closing arguments;
        • Post trial motions, appeals and settlement options;
        • Networking and practice development;
        • How to build a valuable relationship with clients and partners;
        • Advanced trial advocacy strategies, skills, and procedures;
        • Things you can do in your firm, starting this week, to standout and become an indispensable.
        • Almost anything else that will come up during your legal career. This includes balancing your personal life with professional demands– I think I figured this balance out early in my career and it’s helped me keep me focused and happy over the years.

Again, I invite you to expedite your career and have me be your “Top Secret Partner” to minimize mistakes, maximize the top-of-mind personal branding, and significantly shorten your path to success.


There’s nothing I’d rather do for a living than be a trial lawyer. Well, that’s not entirely true. I do enjoy running, skiing and paddle boarding, but when it comes to law, there’s nothing better than trying cases.

Having said that, I’m at the point in my life where I represent only a select number of clients. I do this because I’m interested in making sure I can provide them with an exemplary client experience and to have free time outside the courtroom for my family, hobbies and interests.

My promise to you is that if you become a confidential client, you’ll get my full time and attention and I will deliver value. I want to help and be there for you!

The Quality of Your Life Is Dependent
Upon The Decisions You Make

If there’s one thing I’ve learned over the years it’s that the practice of law and quality of our lives are the result of our priorities and the decisions we make. In fact, I wrote about this in my post, “Mike the Milkman Delivers His 3 Keys To Success.”

I honestly believe too many attorneys approach the practice of law looking through the wrong lens. They approach the art (yes, I think being a good lawyer, especially a trial lawyer, is similar to being a good artist) the wrong way because they’ve been given bad advice from the very start. They simply do what everyone else is doing. The end result is they blend in and disappear in all the noise.

If you want to stand out, be unique and have your voice be heard above all the noise, then you must be different. I believe my Top Secret Partner consulting service will deliver the right advice to you, at the right time, allowing you to start your journey and make things happen faster and better.

Hopefully, through this new consulting service, I’ll be able to help you look good, save you a massive amount of time, and accelerate the success you experience in your career. I’m also hopeful that 10-20 years from now, you pass along all that you’ve learned over the years to the next generation of lawyers.

“You can have everything you want in life if you just help enough people get what they want in life.” – Zig Ziglar

Right now in this upside down world, I believe that the practice of law, and life, are all about helping others, having empathy, and allowing compassion to serve as our compass. Putting these principles to use each day is the foundation for what I teach and share.


I’m accepting a limited number of Top Secret Partners in this private consulting community. This will allow me to provide you with a high level of service while also preserving the flexibility I want to represent my own clients and enjoy my life.

If you’d like me to be your Top Secret Partner and expedite the success in your legal career, then let’s get started.

Please remember that every relationship is 100% confidential and private. Our conversations stay between us. The only two people who know about our relationship are you and me.


Once you sign up, you’ll receive an introductory email with all the details and next steps. Please note that all applicants must be in good standing and while my team is fast, it may take up to 24 hours to approve and process your order. Also please note that all members must agree to our disclaimer (this is a consulting service and no legal services are being offered– pretty standard stuff).

If you have questions, please reach out by clicking here.


For the lawyers who take me up on this confidential service, I can’t wait to give you massive value and an edge at this important start of your new career. I believe our relationship is going to be a game-changer.

If you’re a law school student, I’m looking forward to helping you find success and help expedite the success that I know you’re going to experience in your future career.

Thanks for your time and remember to make each day your masterpiece!

PS- If you’d like, you can learn more about me here and, see client and lawyer testimonials here. My LegalMinds Mastermind (unrelated to this private consulting service) is a private mastermind where our global community shares cutting-edge digital marketing and personal branding strategies and ideas.

PPS- The traditional past and present legal accomplishments/associations:

        • Orange County Trial Lawyer of the Year (2009)
        • 2013 California Lawyer Attorney of the Year (CLAY Award for Litigation)
        • Southern California Super Lawyer (annually)
        • “AV” Rated by Martindale-Hubbell (top rating in ethics and ability)
        • Martindale-Hubbell Bar Register of Preeminent Lawyers (less than 5% of all firms)
        • AVVO “Superb” 10.0/10 rating
        • Recently selected at one of the “Top Lawyers in California”
        • Nominated: Consumer Attorneys of California for the “CAOC Street Fighter of the Year” award (2011)
        • Nominated: California Lawyer Attorneys of the Year (CLAY) Award (2012)
        • Nominated: Recorder Trial Lawyer of the Year
        • Law Dragon- “Top Rating”
        • Judge Pro Tem- Orange County Superior Court
        • Appointed Arbitrator- Orange County Bar Association
        • Appointed Arbitrator- Orange County Superior Court
        • Private Arbitrator and Mediator
        • Orange County Bar Association
        • Orange County Trial Lawyers Association
        • American Association for Justice
        • The National Trial Lawyers (composed of The Top 100 Trial Lawyers from each state)
        • California State Bar Association (Business, Tort and Litigation)
        • American Bar Association (Business, Tort, Litigation)
        • Consumer Attorneys of California
        • LinkedOC Advisory Board Member
        • Multiple time member of the Million Dollar Advocates Forum (obtained multiple verdicts and settlements in excess of $1,000,000)
        • Successfully passed written exam offered by the National Board of Trial Advocacy (NBTA) for Trial Attorney Certification (qualifications- extensive trial experience, formal recommendation by numerous opposing trial counsel and trial judges)
        • Past President of Monarch Beach Rotary Club and Paul Harris Fellow. Mitch has also served as an Assistant District Rotary Governor for Rotary District 5320. In 2010, he was nominated by his club for the award of “Business Rotarian of the Year”
        • Daily Journal Profile- Mr. Jackson’s litigation talents, techniques and wrongful death trial verdict profiled in the July 28, 1995, edition of the California Daily Journal
        • Admitted to the California and U.S. Court of Appeals, Ninth Circuit and U.S. District Court and Central District of California
        • Expert Witness- Legal Malpractice

One of my favorite quotes… “…trial by jury…the only anchor ever yet imagined by man by which a government can be held to the principles of its constitution….” –Thomas Jefferson

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