Is Web3 a Fad?

Is the promised nirvana of Web3 a real thing? Has inflation, layoffs, and an upside-down global supply chain and digital market revealed a vulnerable, raw underbelly of massive Web3 financial exposure surrounded by smoke, mirrors, and hype?

My guest this week is Marc Agnelos. He has three decades of FinTech career experience on Wall Street. Mark’s brilliance has been featured in Bloomberg, Traders Magazine, CNBC, FX Algo News, The Tilt, and dozens of other top platforms and shows. Marc will be sharing his thoughts on all this and more during our one-hour live social audio chat. Live Q&A is encouraged.

We go live this Wednesday, July 6, 2022, at Noon PDT (3 PM ET) on LinkedIn live audio. RSVP and join us here.

The Only Constant In Business Is Change: My thoughts about the current state of Web3, business, and finance.

A picture of Mitch Jackson's tweet about Web3

Several friends invited me to be their guest at NFTNYC. During our calls, most of these young entrepreneurs wanted to know my thoughts about cryptocurrency, NFTs, and stock market dropping in value, inflation, and all of the other news affecting business happening right now around the world.

This is exactly what I told them.

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OpenSea Employee Indicted for Laundering of Monetary Instruments

An OpenSea employee has been charged with violation of 18 U. S. C. 1956 (laundering of monetary instruments). As specifically referenced at paragraph 11 of the indictment (see #1 below), the employee acted as follows:

To conceal his purchase of featured NFTs before they appeared on OpenSea’ s homepage, NATHANIEL CHASTAIN, the defendant, used anonymous OpenSea accounts , instead of his publicly—known account in his own name, to make the purchases and sales. He also transferred funds through multiple anonymous Ethereum accounts in order to conceal his involvement in purchasing and selling the featured NFTs. CHASTAIN used new Ethereum accounts without any prior transaction history in order to further conceal his involvement in the scheme.”

It’s alleged he did this with 45 NFTs on 11 different occasions (paragraph 12).

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