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TikTok, Intellectual Property (IP) and Entertainment/Fashion Lawyer Francesca M. Witzburg

Meet Francesca Witzburg, an IP attorney who is using TikTok to build her brand. During today’s live video show (2 pm ET), I’ll ask Francesca to share how she’s doing this, what she’s learned, and how you can also tap into social platforms like TikTok to add value to the consumer. Yes, we’ll also dive into common, but important, IP questions every business owner needs to know in 2021 and beyond. Watch on all the major social media platforms including above in the YouTube video or here on this Facebook Page.

More about Francesca: She advises clients in the entertainment, fashion, beauty, luxury, technology, and consumer product industries on all aspects of intellectual property and related transactional matters. Her practice includes trademark and brand protection, enforcement, strategy, and monetization.

Between now and showtime, you can connect with Francesca at her firm and on TikTok at TikTok.com/@iplawyerfrancesca