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In a world where knowledge is like a vast ocean, I believe it’s our responsibility to sail through it and explore its depths. Like a sailor who relies on the stars to navigate, we too can rely on the wisdom of others to steer our course. Learning from others is like having a compass, a map, and a guide all in one.

Over the last three decades of practicing law and being an investor and entrepreneur, I’ve tried to walk my talk and learn from others. By tapping into the knowledge of those who have gone before me, I’ve been able to save time, avoid pitfalls, and accelerate my journey towards success.

Now, I’m trying to give back though my daily posts and comments on LinkedIn. Start here…

It’s Saturday Night and I Need to Get This Off My Chest- “Real Talk About Becoming The Best At Anything”

I was chatting with a couple of young lawyers earlier today about some of my videos they were watching. Their take-a-ways are not congruent with the message I intended to give.

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Mark Schaefer, Author of “Cumulative Advantage,” on Amazon Live!

Why is it that all else being equal, some people become well known and have all the business and success they can handle, while others with identical ability and talents don’t have the same success and some even struggle?

What are actionable steps almost every business owner, regardless of who you are and what you do, can take to build your brand resulting in more business and opportunities?

In Mark W. Schaefer’s new book, “Cumulative Advantage: How to Build Momentum for your Ideas, Business and Life Against All Odds” takes you by the hand and shares what the principle of Cumulative Advantage is and the specific steps and approaches you can take to dominate your industry, occupation, or profession. Enjoy the real life stories and examples and allow them to guide you to making better and more impactful decisions moving forward.

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This Is The One Thing Successful People Do Every Single Day!

I’ve been around some of the most successful people on the planet. This is the one thing they all consistently do each and every day.

It’s not complicated but most people just don’t take the time to do this one thing. Will you?

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