NFT Dispute? Seek Quick and Fair Resolution through Mediation

Who built Stonehenge and how in the heck can we resolve complicated NFT disputes?

As for Stonehenge, ChatGPT tells us this prehistoric monument was built around 3000 BCE to 2000 BCE, in Wiltshire, England.  The prevailing theory suggests that Stonehenge was built by the people of a culture known as the “Beaker people” or the “Beaker culture.” These were a group of prehistoric people associated with the development and widespread use of pottery vessels called “beakers.”

OK, that was the easy question. As for resolving NFT disputes, I share the following thoughts.

NFTs have taken the digital world by storm, revolutionizing the way we buy, sell, and own digital assets. From artwork and collectibles to virtual real estate and virtual goods, NFTs have opened up a whole new realm of possibilities. However, as with any emerging technology, NFTs bring their fair share of business, legal, and ethical challenges. When disputes arise, finding the most efficient and effective way to resolve them becomes crucial. That’s where mediation steps in as a powerful tool to assist parties in resolving NFT-related issues.

The Seven Biggest NFT Related Legal, Business and Ethical Issues

Let’s delve into the primary seven most common business, legal, and ethical issues associated with NFTs and explore how the mediation process can offer a perfect solution.

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My Friday Afternoon Thoughts About Web3 and the Metaverse

I spent the morning taking calls and answering questions about web3 and the metaverse. My takeaway is moving forward, most people should focus on these issues and solutions.


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I’m Giving Away an NFT!

I’m excited to announce that on Thursday, September 15, 2022, I’m giving away an exclusive NFT from my “Harbor and Ocean 2023” collection on OpenSea. The VR version can be found in the Spatial metaverse.

My team will select the winner from our Discord community.

To be eligible, share which piece you’d like to have in either the Discord “general” or “art-collections” channel and share why it resonates with you. If you’re not on Discord, you can always PM me.

Good luck!

NFTS in Business!

NFTs in Business

NFT and IP lawyer, Francesca Witzburg, is my guest this Wednesday on LINKEDIN LIVE AUDIO!

This will be a fast-paced show with the goal of addressing all these issues and answering all your questions. Strap on your seatbelt and hang on tight. This is going to be good!

Topics, questions, and issues include:

Want to know how SMART entrepreneurs are using NFTs to sell products and services?

Interested in learning how to use UNLOCKABLE NFTs to build better brands?

What are the BIGGEST NFT legal liabilities you need to know?

What’s Francesca’s BEST “top secret” NFT success tip?

Have a question YOU would like to ask?


We go live this Wednesday, July 20th at Noon PDT (3 PM ET). Details here.

Between now and then, connect with Francesca and Mitch on LinkedIn.