In True Streaming Lawyer Fashion, My Weekly Newsletter Goes 100% Video!

New Video Streaming Lawyer Newsletter

My popular weekly newsletter will still go out each Tuesday at 1pm ET and arrive safely in your email inbox. But, instead sharing 30 years of valuable tips in long written email format, I am now going to give you life-long tips and advice in the form of a short and concise video that you can watch and listen to at your convenience and from your mobile device. And that’s the way it should be. After all, I am the streaming lawyer right!

Why am I doing this? Because I believe people are tired of reading long emails, listening to long podcasts, or having to go to websites and blogs to get content. I share a bit more of my thoughts behind this change while checking the surf from Strands Saturday morning (via Periscope and Snapchat).

How To Use Metaphors To Communicate With IMPACT!

newsletter mitch jackson metaphor 600“The best arguments dazzle with metaphor.” — Gerry Spence

Today’s edition of my weekly newsletter has received more engagement than any other my newsletters this year. Not only does it share a not so subtle public service announcement about the dangers of live streaming and driving, but it also shows you how to use metaphors to make an impact and move your audience. Click to watch the Periscope (video) version of my newsletter) =>

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Mitch Jackson- How To Use Metaphors