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Embrace your distinctiveness!

Embrace your distinctiveness! Feel free to approach situations and challenges from your own unique perspective. This can give you a fresh angle to reassess obstacles and keep the energy of discussions alive and flowing.

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My New Book: “From Courtroom to Boardroom: A Trial Lawyer’s Guide to Winning Negotiations”

My new book, “From Courtroom to Boardroom: A Trial Lawyer’s Guide to Winning Negotiations” serves as your personal roadmap, guiding you towards the peak of negotiation excellence. This isn’t just a book about winning; it’s a manual for crafting mutually beneficial outcomes that leave every party feeling valued, understood, and content.


Negotiation isn’t a skill exclusive to diplomats or CEOs, it’s an art form we utilize daily. Whether you’re securing a lucrative business contract or choosing the next family getaway, every dialogue presents a chance for negotiation.

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My Favorite Negotiation Resources


Wednesday was “Equal Pay Day,” and I enjoyed participating in a Clubhouse Room with Dr. Lola Adeyemi and several dozen other amazing professionals to discuss this issue. While the underlying problem of unequal pay can only be fixed by new laws, legislation, and enforcement in the courts (we need more of this), the conversation shifted over to negotiation skills and techniques.

Now I think we all know that being forced to negotiate your position doesn’t fix the big problem of unequal pay for the same position, it is often the only recourse available for most of us in the short-term. With that in mind, I’m sharing the following blog post that contains some of my favorite negotiation tips and approaches.

I’ve also included a few resources that have helped me become a better communicator. Hopefully, there’s something here that will help you too.

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Whether You’re In A Debate Or Negotiation, Here Are 46 Things To Know And Do

Debates and negotiations involve much more than what first meets the eye. Here are a few tips to help you to do both better.