The Metaverse (Macro vs. Micro)

Mitch Jackson explains the difference between the macro and micro metaverses

When most people think or read about the Metaverse, they think of the Macro– a global immersive shared virtual 3D space or platform that people can explore with a sense of their own presence. A place that replaces the real word like “The Matrix” or “Ready Player One.”

Many people are excited about what lies ahead, and others are terrified.

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Tonight’s Monday Metaverse Meetup!

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PS- Want to learn more? See this post, “A Real-World Guide to the Metaverse for Professionals and Business Owners.”

A Real-World Guide to the Metaverse for Professionals and Business Owners

A picture of Mitch's Metaverse space on

The Metaverse is evolving into a sophisticated and accepted environment. New expressions and experiences in business, culture and communications are quickly changing in a high-speed Internet and 5G wireless world.
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Human acceptance of this new digital frontier has been accelerated by working remotely in an upside-down COVID19 world. Facebook’s $10B investment in Metaverse research along with its name change to Meta sets the tone for everything that’s coming. Humanity’s expanding need to connect, communicate and do business with each other around the world is simply fuel on the fire.

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HAPPY HOLIDAYS- Win an Oculus Quest 2 Headset!

I’m excited about the impact that the Metaverse, Web3, and VR are having on the world. I feel so strongly about the upside of this technology that I’m doing all I can to get as many friends and clients as possible involved as early adopters.

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Take a Close Look at Spatial and Facebook/Oculus Workrooms

The two metaverse spaces I’m “all in” on are and Facebook/Oculus Workrooms. Both are game changers.

Please do not let this technology pass by you. In my opinion, this technology is to the metaverse and web3 what the early web browsers were to the Internet. Learn it, embrace it and have fun with it. Do this now and you’ll thank me towards the end of 2022 or 2023 when everyone else is trying to figure this stuff out in order to stay relevant and in business.

If you want to play around with either of these two platforms, ping me and I’ll answer your questions. We can even jump into a private room and kick the tires together. I’ll walk you through what I’ve learned and have figured out with the help of top experts. Remember, it’s not really about just being on the platform, it’s about how you use it. #excited