Wednesday Evening Spatial Metaverse Tour!

Mitch Jackson in the Metaverse

Join us tonight (Wednesday) in the Spatial Metaverse for a free tour and live Q&A.

If you’ve been wondering why we’re so excited about this new technology, stop by and find out for yourself! We’ll be live at 5 PM PDT (8 PM ET). All the details and access link can be found at the end of Tuesday’s LinkedIn newsletter.

See you this evening!

New Interview from the UK (Law and the Metaverse)

In this month’s UK based Modern Law Magazine, I share five steps to help lawyers develop strategic and consistent brand equity in the Metaverse. I’d also like to include a special “thank you” to my friend from across the pond, Chrissie Lightfoot!

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Web3.0: The Metaverse and the Future of Video Marketing with Mitch Jackson

If you’d like to know more about the latest Web3 and Metaverse approaches and platforms, grab your favorite beverage and listen to this new episode of Ben Amos’s Engage Video Marketing Podcast. We share examples, favorite platforms, recommended technology, and stories. Join us!

NFT, Web 3.0, Taxes and Business (a conversation with creators, tax and legal experts)

If you are a creator and doing business in the Web3 and NFT spaces, you must listen to this recorded conversation that originally took place on Twitter Spaces. David Bianchi, Tal Navarro, Maneisha, Ira Rothken, Esq., and yours truly, all dive deep in addressing the big issues during Q&A to help everyone in the Web 3.0 community better understand, enjoy and even profit while doing business in these spaces.

Five Things We’re Keeping Our Eyes On In the Web3 and Metaverse Spaces


Web3 and the various metaverses are here. The technology and quality of the virtual experiences are already outstanding, and right now, we’re using four different metaverses to meet with clients, experts, and our internal teams worldwide.

Having said that, there are five VERY IMPORTANT things we are paying attention to that need improvement. In today’s issue of our LinkedIn newsletter, we share these five things and more. Click here to read.