How to Avoid Disputes in Web3: The Importance of Digital Contracts and TOS Agreements

This week as a private mediator, I had the opportunity to help parties in multiple cases resolve web3 business disputes.

Reflecting back on the week, I want to share the following with you.

What I see over and over in the new web3 spaces are misunderstandings and disputes happening when one or all parties fail to:

1️⃣ Document the work or performance agreement with a digital or written contract;

2️⃣ Read the TOS agreement that controls either the platform or rights between the parties.

Rolling into the weekend, I’m encouraging web3 artists, creators, and business owners to consider the above.


Because I believe that about 95% of most web3 business disputes can be avoided if the parties simply do the above two things.

Stay safe, enjoy the weekend, and never stop making each day your masterpiece.


PS- If you’re a web3 creator and would like more business/legal tips shared by experts, I invite you to watch this recording of our recent live metaverse event titled, “Web3, AI and the Metaverse Legal/Biz/Accounting Tips for Creators, Artists and Entrepreneurs.” Enjoy!

Unpacking Alternative Approaches to Conflict Resolution


Disputes are like ripples in a pond, disconcerting and disruptive. They are as intrinsic to human interaction as laughter or sighs, and they are as varied as the individuals themselves.

Be it a disagreement between corporations over a patent or a tussle between an employer and an employee over contractual terms, resolving disputes can resemble a precarious ballet, performed on a high wire. The resolution approaches, too, can be as diverse as the disputes. The critical question is: which dance do you pick?

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The Hollywood Strike: Solutions from a Private Mediator and AI


I’ve been watching the ongoing news about the strike and related issues for several months. The issues are real and need to be dealt with. There are no easy solutions.

Below is a short summary of the key issues as I understand them. I’m sure some are more important than others to each party. I’m also sure that there are additional issues I haven’t addressed in this article.

Tapping in to my 37 years of experience as a litigator and mediator, along with leveraging the power of AI (we now use AI to help parties move past impasses and develop options and solutions during mediation), here are several solutions and action steps we came up with, along with the help of AI, that might help the parties moving forward with a negotiated resolution.

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100 Compelling Advantages of Zoom and Virtual Mediations Over Traditional Face-to-Face Dispute Resolution

Zoom mediation with Mitch JacksonThe introduction of Zoom and virtual platforms into the world of mediation has revolutionized the process, enhancing efficiency, and injecting newfound accessibility into the resolution of conflicts. Below, we dive into an exploration of 100 unique reasons why this digital approach often exceeds traditional in-person mediations.

1. Geographical Flexibility

Parties can attend a mediation from any location, removing geographical constraints. A litigant in Australia can connect with an arbitrator in the United States, for instance, something unimaginable before digital mediation.

2. Reduced Travel Expenses

Zoom and virtual mediations eliminate the cost of travel. For instance, the party no longer needs to shell out for airfare, hotels, or meals, saving thousands of dollars.

3. Convenience

The comfort of your own home or office makes the mediation process more convenient. Imagine negotiating a case in your loungewear, sitting on your favorite couch!

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A Model’s Victory over the Mark of Misfortune

The Ordinary World

Imagine being at the top of your game. As a globally recognized fashion model, your face graces the cover of renowned magazines. Your appearance is not just your pride, but your paycheck.

You live a glamorous life, jet-setting across continents, mingling with celebrities, basking in the bright flash of camera lights. You might feel invincible, like a colossus straddling the fashion world. But what happens when the unexpected strikes and your world comes crashing down?

This story is based on a case Mitch handled several years ago. The facts have been slightly altered for privacy reasons.

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