Meet quadriplegic web3 #NFT artist, Matt Hendrick!

Matt uses his mouth to hold a brush while painting. His unique combination of positive and negative space while using as little paint as possible results in iconic portraits.

Our metaverse consulting agency had the pleasure of assisting Matt with creating a place in the metaverse where he can share and sell his NFT art. In this live video (now recorded), we walk through several of Matt’s digital properties.

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ManeuVR: Metaverse and Web3 Consulting Agency!

ManeuVR- Making the Metaverse Easy

We make it easy for traditional businesses to transition to the metaverse.

We work with people like you–entrepreneurs, business owners, and creators– to show you how to leverage the metaverse to create unique and better brands and new business opportunities and drive new lanes of revenue.

Our solutions include:

#1:  Helping clients understand what the metaverse really is.

#2:  Defining what technology our clients need to quickly and easily transition to the metaverse. This includes equipment like headsets and other access devices.

#3:  Recommending the best metaverse platforms for our clients.

#4:  Reviewing the legal aspects and needs including IP issues, contracts, accounting and taxes.

#5:  How to create content, communicate, present and interact in a persuasive fashion.

#6:  Sharing options and best practices when it comes to buying and leasing digital land.

#7:  How to set up and use cryptocurrency, metawallets and do due diligence.

#8:  How to use and tap into the power of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs).

#9:  How to use blockchain technology.

#10:  How to use smart contracts.

#11:  How to use Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs).

#12:  How to use Decentralized Finance (DeFI).

#13:  Human resource and ethical issues for employers.

#14:  Physical and mental health.

#15:  Ongoing monitoring and consulting to leverage future advancements in technology like AI, voice and avatar use and creation.

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