Our Clients Are On Pins and Needles About Their Cases!

Are you on pins and needles about the US Presidential election results?

I believe this is how some clients feel each day not knowing the outcome of their case. They are worried because they’re not in control and don’t know what’s going to happen next. How is a judge going to rule? How will a jury vote on their case?

I get it and it’s not OK.

This feeling’s been a real wakeup call. My team and I will be doing all we can to communicate better with our clients and keep them fully informed (we’ve always tried but can always do better). How about you?

If you’re a lawyer, doctor, CPA or in another personal service industry, did this week of uncertainty result in you thinking about being better at keeping clients advised as to the status of their case or file?

Rabbits, Lions, Lawyers, and Insurance Companies

This is a lion licking its lips.

Trying to handle your personal injury or family’s wrongful death case without an experienced lawyer in your corner is like putting a baby rabbit into a cage with a hungry mountain lion. The outcome is predictable, and you wouldn’t want to be the rabbit.

Insurance is Big Business

Insurance companies are in business to make lots of money. Each year they earn billions of dollars in profits. Their claims adjusters earn substantial end-of-year bonuses to minimize what they pay out in claims and maximize how much money they help the company make in profits.

Many consumers do not know is that claims adjusters are highly trained professionals. Despite what they tell you or how they sound over the phone, many believe that it’s their job is to do what’s best for their company, not what’s best for you. They believe it’s their job to pay out as little money as legally possible on your claim.

As with any profession, you get the good with the bad. Just like lions, some are kind, while others are man eaters. The challenging part is figuring out which one is which.

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Professionals- Please STOP Marketing and Advertising On Social Media!

Lawyers, doctors, accountants and other professionals, PLEASE do not try to market or advertise your services on social media in 2020. It’s not going to work. Instead, do this!