Are You Doing Business Online?

If the answer to my question is “yes” then watch this interview to learn how to protect your legal rights. We talk IP law (intellectual property rights, copyright law and related business topics). Click here or on the image below to catch my interview with Frank Clark (good stuff!)


Livestreaming and Digital Broadcasting: 37 Expert Predictions for 2016

Streaming Lawyer 2016 Social Media and Live Streaming Predictions

“There’s an electrical thing about movies.” –Oliver Stone

For this simple reason, I believe platforms like Periscope, Huzza, and Facebook Live will continue to increase in popularity at an exponential rate. Having said that, I also believe that our choice of platforms will not be as important as our ability to connect as human beings through the sharing of short, concise and compelling stories. In today’s world, we’re all Oliver Stones creating livestreaming masterpieces in a global 24/7 theater.

And for those of you who just don’t get the importance of livestreaming or think it’s simply a fad, I share with you one of my favorite movie quotes, “Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn!” –Rhett Butler/Clark Gable in Gone with the Wind

— Mitch Jackson, Esq.  [click here to read all 37 predictions for 2016]

Social Media Thoughts and Predictions (including mine) for 2016!

It was a pleasure to be asked by social media expert, Carlos Gil, to join these amazing experts and share several thoughts and predictions for his new article “Social Media Marketing: 50+ Predictions for 2016”. If you’re interested in staying on top of social media and livestreaming in 2016, then read the article and connect with these experts. Enjoy!

Carlos Gil and Mitch Jackson

5 Reasons Why I’m Going to the Periscope Community Summit San Francisco 2016!


5 Reasons Why I Am Going To Periscope Summit San Francisco 2016

Why I’m going to January’s Periscope Community Summit San Francisco 2016! (Sharing live on #Periscope Monday at 9:30 am PST | 1:30 pm ET) via

Sebastian Rusk Interviews Mitch on Blab!

Mitch Jackson

Join me Today on Blab at 10am PST (1pm ET) when I’ll be the guest on Sebastian Rusk’s show!

Per Sebastian => I’ve got my buddy Mitch Jackson on the show! Mitch is an Attorney in CA. He’s also a #SocialMedia influencer and #Livestreaming animal! Show is LIVE at 1pm/ET on #Blab! WATCH here => Click…  #social #interview