DOING WELL BY DOING GOOD- The True Life of Shirin Behzadi, a Successful Entrepreneur

Shirin Behzadi is a CEO, entrepreneur, board member and business advisor. When she isn’t spending time with her family or working to make her community better, you can find her sharing inspiration on social media.

On today’s live video show, Shirin will share her personal journey and tips every entrepreneur needs to know moving forward in this disrupted upside down COVID19 business world. See how she went from being on her own at 17 and working at a gas station to becoming a successful entrepreneur recognized by Forbes, Money Inc, Franchise Times, and Women Entrepreneurs – The Secrets of Success blog.

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Say Hello To Retired Military Police Officer and Trial Lawyer, Vincent Howard

I’m starting the New Year off with this live video interview with Vincent Howard. Vincent is a retired military police officer and current award winning Orange County Trial Lawyer. Vincent will be sharing his life journey, favorite stories, and some of his best trial tips to help young trial lawyers achieve success in 2021.

For those of you who don’t know Vincent, he began his journey protecting people as a military police officer in the United States Army. He served honorably during America’s first major engagement with Iraq—Operation Desert Storm and during his service received several awards, including an Overseas Medal, a National Defense Ribbon, and honors for marksmanship and good conduct.

In 2012 and 2013, the Consumer Attorneys of California awarded Vincent with its Presidential Award of Merit. In 2016 Vincent was named President of the Orange County Trial Lawyers Association.

During the show, Vincent will be sharing his story, some of his best trial tips (the lawyers in my community will really enjoy this part of show), and also is looking forward to answering your questions.

Join us at 10 am PT (1 pm ET) on all the major platforms. Between now and show time, connect with Vincent right here at his firm.

Meet Kate Bradley Chernis, CEO of Lately

Lately is an AI-based platform that automatically turns blogs, online articles, newsletters, videos and podcasts into dozens of amazing social media posts. Connect with Kate on Linkedin and learn more about Lately here.

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NFL players can be injured or have their career end with one hit. When this happens, what rights do they have? Are their contracts and wages covered and if so, for how long? How about short and long-term medical benefits?

If you’re playing for the Miami Dolphins and injured in a game against Rams in Los Angeles, can you bring a work comp claim in California or, are you required to bring your case in Florida?

Who decides your care and treatment? What if you disagree with the opinion of the work comp doctor? Can a team owner override a doctor’s recommendation or opinion?

What about brain injury (CTE) cases. Are these covered under existing NFL work comp plans?

A related question I’ll ask Bernard revolves around college athletes. Are they covered by work comp? If not, should they be?

On Monday’s show, Alabama work comp attorney, Bernard Nomberg, will be sharing answers to these questions, and answering all of your live questions live around this topic. Can’t make the live show but have a question? No problem, private message me and I’ll ask Bernard for you!

Join us live on November 30th at 11 am PST (2 pm ET) and bring your questions! The live video show is Human.Social and you can enjoy and share the show on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn and right here at the blog.

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