Our New “Save The World DAO”

Our new “Save The World DAO” is a public decentralized autonomous organization designed to bring humanity together to create positive social, justice, and environmental change. Each month we will use the #DAO to raise, vote and donate funds, and distribute those funds, to support different groups and organizations.

You can get more details and support the DAO here.

Nick Rishwain on DAOs and DeFi

I had fun interviewing Nick Rishwain from our Spatial metaverse conference room. We discussed:

What is a DAO and what DAO is Nick involved with?

What is DeFi and how is Nick involved with this technology?

Nick’s created a couple of DAO-type companies. We ask him to share what he’s doing with us.

What is TaterDAO? What is CougarDAO? What are the goals of these companies?

You can watch the recorded conversation in our metaverse penthouse all day long today by clicking here (go ahead, give it a try– it’s pretty cool).

Have questions? Make sure to connect with Nick Rishwain, Vice President of Client Relations & Development at Experts.com