7 Stellar Ways to Spark Meaningful Conversations with Strangers


Striking up a conversation with a stranger can feel like a daunting task. But worry not! I’ve got you covered with seven tried-and-tested techniques that will help you break the ice and create meaningful connections.

These approaches work whether you’re meeting someone in real life, on Zoom or as avatars in the metaverse. Let’s dive in!

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How To Communicate Like a Mixed Martial Arts Fighter


“Silence is a source of great strength.” Lao Tzu

The two fighters stand toe to toe at the center of the octagon. Neither blinks as they stare each other down. The fight hasn’t even started, and one fighter is positioning himself for success without saying a word.

The guy in the black trunks and red and blue dragon tattoo across the right side of his chest is swaying back and forth with his arms fully extended down on each side of his body. His fists are tightly clenched. He’s sending a message without saying a word.

The fighter in the bright green shorts with bleach blond hair is standing inches away and perfectly still. There’s no movement or sound. His eyes are closed, and he looks like he’s meditating. He’s also communicating a powerful message in his own silent way.

As the fighters reach out and tap knuckles, they each share a glance at the other. The guy in the black pumps his fist in the air as he turns and walks back to his corner.

The other fighter in green smiles and blows his opponent a sarcastic kiss before returning to his side of the octagon.


Outside the Octagon

Good trial lawyers know that communication in the courtroom is much more than giving an opening statement, asking a witness questions, or making a persuasive closing argument. How we walk, dress, and behave influences our jury. Our body language often serves as an exclamation point to what was just said. Our silence can go a long way to building trust and rapport.

How you come across during a podcast, video, or even through the actions of your avatar in the metaverse matters. Your silence and body language may be more important than anything you say.

Sometimes, a single verbal punch is all it takes to make your point and close a deal. But often, the perception others have about you, and the things that are never said make the most significant difference.

Practice silence. Pay attention to your body language. Give weight to the quotes from Peter Drucker and Lao Tzu.

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The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place. – George Bernard Shaw

Everything we do in business involves our voice. Web2 and web3 experiences like podcasting, video, and social audio (LinkedIn live audio, Discord audio/video channels, and Twitter Spaces) revolve around what we say and hear. Communicating in the metaverse through avatars using our voice is as important as the visual experience. In business situations, probably more so.

Would you like to learn how to speak with power and authority? Would you like to learn how to get more people to pay attention to you while talking?

Of course, you do. We all do.

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To get started, think of your voice as a musical instrument. As an example, let’s go with playing a guitar.

If you’ve never played the guitar before and I handed mine to you to play to a room full of people, what do you think would happen?