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11 Contracts Entrepreneurs Must Use to Protect Themselves

Mitch Jackson Entre Event

Live Event!

Thursday on Entre (a social media platform for Entrepreneurs), I’m sharing 11 different contracts I believe every entrepreneur should know about and use. Take notes, screenshots and ask questions. I’m going live this Thursday at 8 PM ET (5 PM PDT) here on Entre!

New to Entre? No worries, the platform is easy to use. Simply open a free account to access my event and all of the other great content shared from around the world.

See you Thursday evening!

How to Tell if Someone is Lying (tips from a savvy trial lawyer)


Tell the truth by Mitch Jackson

Every single day we struggle with trying to figure out who’s telling the truth. Social audio rooms like Clubhouse and Twitter Spaces are all full of false self-proclaimed experts and digital foxes trying to make their way into digital hen houses.

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Thoughts From Friends- What’s Your Best Business Tip for 2021?

On Monday I asked my social media community to do the following:

“Hit “reply” and share your best business tip for 2021.”

I asked everyone to give a tip that really takes into consideration 2020 and what’s happening in the world today. I received a lot of great responses from all around the world (my favorite part) and am sharing them here with you.

Focusing on the needs of each other and showing more kindness and empathy seemed to be the primary theme in most of the responses. Take a look and let me know what your take-a-way is.

If you didn’t originally respond to my question on social and would like to add your thoughts and best tip for 2021, by all means please do so in the comments below.

From Twitter

“My number one tip: Just say hello to more people on social platforms and offer them a meaningful and supportive comment about their post. Your reward will amaze you. You will not need to look for business anymore.” -@ArtsandClouds


“Take an accounting of your life and share a personal story with five people with whom you want to strengthen your relationship. There is no better way to form an trustful bond .”  -@nealagoldstein


“Instead of looking forward, look back at your background, experiences, relationships and interests to uncover common patterns and transferable skills. Then, think about your #lifeskills, unique to you and a competitive advantage. #DecodeYourValue” -@wendyglavin


“Prioritize a healthy work/life balance. It’s more important than ever and your work will reflect either the chaos or the calm of your personal life.” -@Hope4Fashion


“If you don’t ask, you don’t get.” -@thisdogcanhunt


“If you make your day about helping others and giving back it will come back to you in so many good ways as long as you keep putting out positivity and helping others.” -@thayeristhere


“Don’t be a cheapskate play fair because when you play fair you get promoted and everyone wants to work with you.” -@jawad_sharief


“Don’t bad mouth competitors in front of potential customers. That negativity can ruin your chances. No comment is better.” -@gstockton

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7 Business Tips for 2021

Yesterday on Clubhouse (an audio only social media platform), I shared these 7 action items that my law firm and consulting services are focusing on while moving forward with business in 2021. The ideas were well received and so I’m sharing them here too.

The goal is to take what my different business teams learned in 2020 and use that information to better serve our clients while protecting the long-term viability of our businesses moving forward in 2021. Most of these ideas we actually initiated years ago but, we’re improving upon what we’ve been doing because of the lessons we’ve learned from COVID-19, social distancing and working from home. I hope these ideas plant a few seeds giving you new ideas moving forward.

#1 Communicate with clients the way THEY want to be communicated to.

Our clients and customers all have a lot on their plates right now. With this in mind, do your best to communicate with them in a way that reduces friction and makes it as easy as possible. If a client wants updates by text, give them text updates. If a client wants to see your smiling face via Zoom, use Zoom. Give clients what they want and you’ll be thought of as part of the solution and not the problem.

#2: Build life-long relationships: Pay attention to who promotes you. Stay top-of-mind by paying attention to your brand advocates.

If there’s one thing we learned in 2020, it’s that relationships matter. People who like, respect and trust you, will go out of their way to help you. They understand when things take a bit longer because services are delayed or shut down (our courthouses are basically closed), that we’re all in this together. As a matter of fact, because they trust you, they rely upon you more than ever in times of need.

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Five Things Business Owners Need to Know About Finances, Investments and Retirement in 2021


I asked my long-time friend, David Lopez, to share a few tips with my community because frankly, this is one area where I see business owners drop the ball. Our conversation will focus on finances and is designed to help you make smart decisions with money management and financial planning. Why is this important? Because doing so allows you to minimize taxes, maximizes profits, and help you put more money aside for growth, your family, fun and retirement.

David is a skilled and experienced financial advisor. He’s going to share more than 25 years of expertise and we’re going to chat about five things you should focus on in 2021 to move forward towards obtaining financial security and in some cases, independence.

Here’s a bit more about David:

David S. Lopez graduated from the United States Naval Academy in 1989 and became a Submarine Officer; he then qualified as a Nuclear Engineer Officer. He served for 7 years and was 3 times awarded the Navy Achievement Medal and also awarded the Navy Commendation Medal. In 1996 he was honorably discharged from the Navy and he began his career as a Financial Advisor.

How many Nuclear Submarine Engineer Officers have you met in your lifetime? Pretty cool right!

Between now and showtime, you can connect with David at South Orange County Financial Planning or call 949.542-3316