I’m Using Lately (AI social media content creation platform)

Want to see something very cool? I’ve just added Lately to my social media content creation efforts. In fact, I’m so impressed with the platform that I agreed to become a brand ambassador 😉

Lately uses artificial intelligence to help my team create social media content from existing blog posts, podcasts and videos. As you can imagine, this saves us a ton of time.

See for yourself and get a special discount I negotiated for my community right here 😉

“WordRake Makes Me a Better, Smarter and Faster Writer” -Mitch Jackson

WordRake is the first and only automated in-line editing software for professionals. This instant, intelligent and insightful service will make your writing better, smarter and faster.

Because I like this service so much, I agreed to be a brand ambassador for the company. See what all the excitement is about. Take 30 seconds and watch this video today!

How a Trial Lawyer Uses AgoraPulse to Save Time, Build His Online Brand, and Bring in New Cases

I’m a big fan of AgoraPulse. I also happen to be the trial lawyer mentioned in the title to this post. If you follow me on social, this shouldn’t be a big surprise. I’m a fan– a big fan 😉

My buddy, Mike Allton, turned me on to AgoraPulse. It’s allowed me to market my firm and build my brand easily and conveniently. This powerful platform not only saves my team and I an enormous amount of time, but AgoraPulse also works while I’m in court, paddleboarding out of Dana Point Harbor, or sound asleep in the middle of the night. It’s my 24/7 perpetual marketing and relationship building tool that’s quickly becoming a favorite and essential asset in the firm.

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Mitch Jackson Becomes a Brand Ambassador for Agorapulse

Agorapulse (Social Media Management Simplified)

I’m excited to formally announce my Brand Ambassadorship with Agorapulse. In the past I was using Buffer and Social Media Jukebox to manage my social media but now, Agorapulse allows me to do everything I need to do (and frankly, much more) with one simple to use cloud based solution.

With Agorapulse, I’m in control of my social media content creation and engagement. In the past, it sometimes controlled me 😉

Today, my team and I can quickly and easily create single, scheduled or ongoing posts, check inboxes and read reports. It also gives all of us a detailed overview of the use and engagement on our social media platforms. Click here to give it a try, I know you’ll like Agorapulse as much as we do!

Announcing My New Brand Ambassadorship with PracticePanther Legal Case Management Software

Here’s the deal. Almost daily I tell other lawyers and businesses that I consult that in today’s busy world, our two biggest business assets are time and attention. Neither business owners or their customers or clients have enough of either. This is 10X this if you’re a legal professional.

To help me manage my time, be more efficient, and give my clients the attention they expect and deserve, my entire firm is now using PracticePanther. Everyone is enjoying the experience and clients appreciate our 24/7 client portal that gives them access to documents, calendar events and much more.

As of Monday, I’m now officially a brand ambassador for the company and those of you who know me understand that I only recommend products and services that impress me and that I actually like and use.

If you’d like to learn more, get a free demo, save 50% off your first 2 months, and an additional negotiated 10% of the first year (for my peeps), then use this special link to get started practicepanther.com/mitch (if asked, use the custom code “mitch” at checkout).

PracticePanther offers a complete “no risk” 30 day full satisfaction guarantee so if you’ve been looking for that missing piece to the practice success puzzle, join us and give it a try. Also feel free to reach out with questions. PracticePanther is a very slick program 😉


Mitch Jackson enjoys combining law, social media and technology to disrupt, hack, and improve his clients’ companies, causes, and professional relationships. He’s an award-winning 2013 California “Litigation Lawyer of the Year” and 2009 “Orange County Trial Lawyer of the Year.”