What my law firm is focusing on in 2023

Embrace change. It’s the only constant in the realms of business and law.

At my firm, we understand the transformative power of technology and how it’s shaping the world. So, as we step into 2023, we’re doubling down on our efforts to stay ahead of the curve.

We’re learning, growing, and expanding our expertise in the game-changing technologies shared in this deck.

Additionally, we’re collaborating and referring to other thought leaders in the legal industry who specialize in these cutting-edge areas. Together, we’re charting a new course for the future of business and law.

In this deck, I share exactly what we’re up to and the compass we’re using to guide us to our desired destination.

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Our compass in 2023 is right here. 

Hey ChatGPT- Show me the top web3, metaverse and ai books

I asked ChatGPT the following:

“Create a 10 row table for the top web3, metaverse and ai books. include the following columns:

Row number, Book Name, Book Author, Description, Category, Link, Cool Oneliner.”

Here’s what it gave me:

Sure, here’s an updated and expanded table of the top web3, metaverse, and AI books:

Row Number Book Title Author Description Category Link Cool Oneliner
1 “The Web3, Metaverse, and AI Handbook” Mitch Jackson and Garrett Jackson Comprehensive guide to web3, metaverse, and AI technology, trends, and applications Web3, Metaverse, AI N/A “Unlocking the future with the power of web3, the metaverse, and AI”


2 “From AI to Blockchain: 14 Technology Trends Every Lawyer Must Know!” Mitch Jackson Practical guide for lawyers on the most important technology trends transforming the legal industry AI, Blockchain, Legal Technology N/A “Navigating the legal landscape in the age of AI and blockchain”


3 “Into the Metaverse: The Essential Guide to the Business Opportunities of the Web3 Era” Cathy Hackl Examination of the business opportunities in the emerging web3 era and metaverse Metaverse, Web3 N/A “Discovering the limitless possibilities of the web3 era and metaverse”


4 “Blockchain Basics: A Non-Technical Introduction in 25 Steps” Daniel Drescher Introduction to the fundamentals of blockchain technology, written in a non-technical, easy-to-understand style Blockchain N/A “Your step-by-step guide to understanding blockchain”


5 “AI Superpowers: China, Silicon Valley, and the New World Order” Kai-Fu Lee Examination of how artificial intelligence is shaping the future, with a focus on China and Silicon Valley AI N/A “Discovering the world of tomorrow, powered by AI”


6 “The Metaverse: How Virtual Reality is Changing the World” Christopher Harz Overview of the development and impact of virtual reality technology, and its role in shaping the future Metaverse N/A “Exploring a new reality, beyond the limits of the physical world”


7 “Web3: Building Decentralized Applications with Ethereum” Pedro Gomes A practical guide to building decentralized applications with Ethereum Web3, Ethereum N/A “Unleashing the power of decentralized applications with Ethereum”


8 “The Future of Humanity: Terraforming Mars, Interstellar Travel, Immortality, and Our Destiny Beyond Earth” Michio Kaku Exploration of the future of humanity, including terraforming Mars, interstellar travel, and the possibility of immortality AI, Metaverse N/A “Charting a course for humanity’s future in the cosmos”


9 “Artificial Intelligence: A Guide for Thinking Humans” Melanie Mitchell An accessible guide to artificial intelligence for non-experts, exploring its history, current developments, and future possibilities AI N/A “Demystifying AI for the rest of us”


10 “The Singularity is Near: When Humans Transcend Biology” Ray Kurzweil An exploration of the technological singularity, including the potential implications for humanity and the future of technology AI N/A “Envisioning a future beyond the limits of biology”

Note: The Link column is left blank as the specific book links may vary based on the location.

Yes, I’m a fan! 


AI is Democratizing Doing

The world is shifting and changing faster than ever before. With each passing day, technology is growing more sophisticated, and it’s starting to touch every aspect of our lives. AI platforms like ChatGPT are leading the charge in this technological revolution, and they’re going to change the way we do things forever. These platforms are the equivalent of a Swiss Army Knife for doing things – they’re versatile, they’re indispensable, and they’re going to help us all work smarter, not harder.

For the purposes of this article, I’ll use ChatGPT as an example. But keep in mind these thoughts apply to most artificial intelligence platforms.

Think of ChatGPT like a massive toolbox, filled with all sorts of different tools that you can use to accomplish whatever task you need to do. Want to write a compelling essay? ChatGPT has got you covered. Need to generate some leads for your business? ChatGPT has the tools to help you do that too. Whatever it is you need to do, ChatGPT is there to make it easier. And that’s what makes these platforms so powerful – they’re giving us all the tools we need to accomplish whatever we set our minds to.

This democratization of doing is a game-changer. No longer do you need to be an expert in a particular field to accomplish something. With ChatGPT, anyone can take on any task, no matter how complex. This means that we’re no longer limited by our expertise – instead, we’re only limited by our imagination.

It’s like giving a carpenter a hammer. With just a hammer, they can build anything they want. But what if you give them a toolbox filled with all sorts of different tools? Suddenly, they’re not just a carpenter – they’re an architect, a builder, a craftsman. They can do anything they want, and that’s exactly what ChatGPT is doing for all of us.

One of the things that makes ChatGPT so unique is that it’s not just a collection of tools – it’s a collection of smart tools. These tools are designed to learn and adapt, just like we do. They’re constantly getting better and more sophisticated, and they’re always finding new ways to help us do things more effectively.

This is why ChatGPT is like a garden that never stops growing. Just like a garden, it’s always growing and changing, always getting better. And just like a garden, it’s up to us to tend to it, to water it, and to make sure it thrives. But if we do, the possibilities are endless.

And the best part is that AI services like ChatGPT are open and accessible to everyone. It’s not just for big corporations or tech-savvy individuals – it’s for anyone who wants to take advantage of the power of AI to accomplish their goals. This means that anyone, anywhere in the world, can use ChatGPT to do whatever they want.

So what does all of this mean for the future of doing? It means that we’re on the cusp of a revolution. With the help of AI platforms like ChatGPT, we’re going to see a massive shift in the way we work, the way we create, and the way we live our lives. We’re going to see a world where anyone can accomplish anything they set their mind to, no matter their background or expertise.

And that’s a beautiful thing. It’s a world where the only limit is our own imagination. And that’s a world worth striving for. So let’s get to work,and let’s embrace the power of AI to democratize the act of doing. Let’s use ChatGPT and other AI platforms as the tools they were meant to be, and let’s unleash the full potential of our creativity and our ambitions.

Imagine a world where we can all be artists, writers, scientists, and entrepreneurs. A world where we can all bring our ideas to life, no matter how big or small. This is the world that ChatGPT is helping to create. It’s a world where everyone has access to the tools they need to do whatever they want. And that’s a world that’s truly worth striving for.

So let’s not be afraid of the future. Let’s not be intimidated by AI and the technological revolution that’s taking place around us. Let’s embrace these tools and use them to our advantage. Let’s use ChatGPT and other AI platforms to democratize the act of doing, and let’s unleash our full potential.

In the end, it’s not about the tools we use. It’s about what we do with them. And with the help of ChatGPT and other AI platforms, we’re going to do great things. We’re going to build, create, and innovate like never before. And we’re going to change the world in the process.

The future is ours to create, and with the help of AI platforms, the possibilities are endless.


PS- In Chapters 16-19 of our new book, “The Web3, Metaverse and AI Handbook” Garrett and I take a deep dive into AI and share how you can use this technology to redefine what’s possible.

Learn how to navigate the legal minefields of web3, metaverse and AI spaces with these 7 essential safety tips for your business.

Learn how to navigate the legal minefields of web3, metaverse and AI spaces with these 7 essential safety tips for your business.

My new book for lawyers: “From AI to Blockchain: 14 Technology Trends Every Lawyer Must Know!”

Attention lawyers! Are you feeling overwhelmed by the rapid advancements in technology?

Don’t let it get the better of you.

Keeping up with the curve is crucial for your legal practice. Imagine the opportunities and valuable insights you’ll miss if you don’t understand the legal implications of the 14 most important technology trends and then fail to leverage one or more of these trends moving forward.

Think of it this way – you’re at the mercy of technology, navigating a sea of information with no compass or direction. You’re doing all you can to stay afloat, but each day is a random extension of the day before.

Don’t let that be you. I’ve created a life raft to help you stay afloat.

In my latest book, “From AI to Blockchain: 14 Technology Trends Every Lawyer Must Know!” I take you on a journey to explore the world of technology and its impact on the legal profession.

I cover the most important trends that are changing business, the law, and the world. The list of topics covered includes the following:

Chapter 1: Applied AI
Chapter 2: Advanced Connectivity
Chapter 3: Bioengineering
Chapter 4: Clean Energy
Chapter 5: Mobility
Chapter 6: Web3
Chapter 7: Sustainable Consumption
Chapter 8: Cloud and Edge Computing
Chapter 9: Industrializing Machine Learning
Chapter 10: Immersive Reality Technologies
Chapter 11: Trust Architectures and Digital Identity
Chapter 12: Space Technologies
Chapter 13: Quantum Technologies
Chapter 14: Next-Generation Software Development

With the help of AI, I explain and simplify these complex technology trends and show you how to leverage them to serve your clients better and improve your firm’s brand and revenue. Each chapter stands on its own, but the book is designed to be read from start to finish for a complete understanding of how these trends will shape the future of law and opportunities your clients can leverage– once you show them how to do so.

With each topic you get:

– A full explanation of the technology;

– A complete overview of the top 7 legal issues and opportunities associated with each technology, and;

– I give you three steps you can take to educate existing legal clients about any of these technologies and also show you how to acquire new clients in each area of technology;

– At the end of each chapter, I share seven specific resources to help you learn more and, if you want to, even become an expert on each technology trend and topic.

Don’t miss this opportunity to take your legal practice to new heights. “From AI to Blockchain: 14 Technology Trends Every Lawyer Must Know!” is now available on Amazon. Get ahead of the curve and dominate your space moving forward. Grab your copy today!

The Kindle is only $2.99 so what do you have to lose other than new clients?

Please stay in touch and make today your masterpiece!

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