ManeuVR Agency “New Client” Metaverse Consulting Steps

Here’s a video clip of several of ManeuVR’s public and private metaverse spaces. They were created on Spatial, one of our favorite metaverse and virtual reality platforms. We use our digital venues to have private conversations with clients and host small and large private and public events. 

What is ManeuVR?

ManeuVR is a new web3 and metaverse agency that works with people like you–entrepreneurs, professionals, business owners, and creators– to show you how to leverage the metaverse to create unique and better brands, new business opportunities, and drive new lanes of revenue. ManeuVR focuses on keeping things simple and fast.

The three steps we take to help you get started are below. During these steps, we review your Web3 and metaverse needs and share ideas through the combined lenses of two technology enthusiasts, a GenX entrepreneur with 40 years of experience (36 as a lawyer) and a GenZ graduate of the USC Marshall School of Business who’s been gaming and creating in this space for a decade.

One more thing. If you want updates to our live metaverse tours and tips, stay current using the email list found here.

Here are the steps:

Step #1:

We host a 60-minute conversation over the phone, on Zoom, or even better, in our Spatial metaverse conference room to discuss your needs and answer your questions.

Step #2:

Based on our conversation and towards the end of our initial 60-minute consultation, we recommend what your next steps need to be (platforms, technology, team training) to create your metaverse space or spaces.

Step #3:

Depending on your needs and consulting choices, we spend time with you or your team and show you how to use your space, add digital assets (pictures and movies) and use your avatar and virtual space to compliment your existing brand and close deals. 

Next Steps:

#1: To get started creating your own turn-key or customized metaverse space and brand, visit and use the contact link at the bottom to reach out. 

#2: Also, please make sure to complete the confidential questionnaire also found at the very bottom of the form.

Once you complete the above, we’ll review your information and send you a Calendly link to schedule our first consulting appointment. There is a $250 consulting fee. With optional Step #3, depending on your needs and choices, we offer hourly, flat fee, and other personalized plans.

As examples, other properties include:

ManeuVR Penthouse

ManeuVR French Riviera

ManeuVR Ski Chalet

Jackson and Wilson Inc Conference Room

Negotiation Gallery

We believe Web3 and the metaverse will change business as we know it. This point in time is what the Internet was like back in 1994-95. It’s like where social media was back in 2007-08. We believe early adopters will have a massive advantage in building new brands and opportunities.

If you want to blend in, keep doing what you’re doing. To be memorable and stand out above all the noise, be different and unique.

Join us. Not only are we having fun, but we’re also enjoying participating in massive real-time global change. The train is leaving the station. Will you be on it?

Mitch and Garrett
Co-Founders of ManeuVR

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