GPT4 Chatbots Explained

OpenAI’s latest innovation is a game-changer, offering a feature that lets you personalize your ChatGPT experience. Imagine tailoring AI to fit your specific needs, whether for business, personal use, or niche interests, all without any programming know-how. This breakthrough is set to broaden ChatGPT’s influence, bringing a more user-focused dimension to artificial intelligence.

Ever wondered how AI could be more relevant to your specific field? Well, let’s explore that.

I’m Mitch Jackson, a seasoned trial lawyer and private mediator with over three decades of professional insight. My podcast episodes are your guide through the complex web of law, business, and technology. Occasionally, I delve into hot-off-the-press news and updates, like this one.

Now that you’re up to speed on what we’re discussing and who’s steering the ship, let’s dive into OpenAI’s new AI chatbot features.

Users can now create custom AI chatbots tailored to specific needs and preferences. This technology allows individuals, regardless of their coding skills, to customize AI interactions for various applications, such as industry-specific tasks, personal interests, or unique use cases.

The chatbot can engage in natural, context-aware conversations, providing information, answering queries, and even performing tasks based on the customized programming. This advancement in AI technology makes it more accessible and relevant to a broader range of users, integrating artificial intelligence more seamlessly into daily life and work.

So why is this technology so important?

Well, good question.

Here’s the answer.

The new chatbot builder from OpenAI is a leap forward, breaking down barriers between AI and the general public. It’s not just for tech wizards anymore – now, anyone can craft their own AI chatbots. This move will redefine our interaction with technology, integrating AI seamlessly into our daily lives and work.

So what else is on the horizon?

OpenAI is gearing up to launch the GPT Store. This marketplace will allow creators to share their custom GPTs with the world, opening up new possibilities for revenue and creative expression. This initiative is a win-win for both OpenAI and innovative creators, fostering a community of active participation.

In my team, we’re already integrating these personalized AI chatbots across our operations. Imagine diving deep into the content we produce, exploring every facet in unparalleled detail. That’s the level of analysis and exploration these chatbots will offer.

Are you a content creator? Think about enhancing your output with private or public AI chatbots. Your audience will appreciate the extra layer of convenience and value.

Curious to see this in action? Take a look at several of the AI chatbots we created this week. Simply visit

We’re leveraging AI chatbots in various areas, from negotiation and brand building in the web3 domain to transforming my best-selling social media book with insights from 47 leading digital marketing experts.

But that’s just the beginning. Next week we’re rolling out an AI chatbot that compiles a decade’s worth of podcast wisdom into one accessible searchable resource.

Experience how these straightforward yet revolutionary AI tools are reshaping the landscape. Create a few of your own chatbots today. Visit for all the details.

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