Pioneering and Learning: Our Journey as One of the First Law Firms to Navigate the Metaverse

I’m proud to say that we were one of the very first law firms to offer legal service in the metaverse.

We began our early virtual journey way back around 2011 on Second Life. Each year we continued playing in different virtual and metaverse digital sandboxes while expanding our options and kicking the tires on different and more modern metaverse platforms.

In December of 2021, after trying out 5-6 other well-known modern metaverse platforms, we expanded our traditional brick-and-mortar law firm to include a metaverse office, conference room, presentation facility and mediation center on the Spatial metaverse platform.

Today, in addition to a tradition law firm located in Orange County, California, we also offer multiple metaverse venues to meet with clients, counsel, and experts worldwide. We even have a metaverse campus that allows us to host special training, conferences, and events.

Why The Metaverse?

Integrating into the metaverse, a business or law firm can transcend traditional geographical boundaries, expanding their services from a local to a global scale with ease. This digital frontier allows for the leveraging of cutting-edge technology to offer innovative services, attract international clientele, and operate in a dynamic, 24/7 virtual environment.

Over the years and through trial and error, we’ve figured out what works and what’s hype. In this podcast episode, we pull back the curtains and share our experiences and recommendations.

Along the way we’ve included a few hyperlinks in the show notes.


Because to be frank, explaining the metaverse is like trying to give someone a haircut over the telephone– it’s impossible to do. You really do need to click, dive in, and look around.

So, regardless of the type of business you’re involved with, if you’re interested in learning more about and leveraging the metaverse, this episode is for you!

Our Preferred Metaverse Platform

We enjoy meeting clients on Spatial. Its free and inexpensive paid options allow for easy-to-use, affordable metaverse experiences that satisfy most of our needs and, even more important, most of the needs of our clients.

Ease of Use

Spatial allows clients to access our virtual offices and conference rooms with their phones, tablets, laptops, desktops, and compatible headsets like the Meta Quest 2 and inexpensive Oculus Quest 2. The ease of use and access options are important and necessary for massive adoption.

Just like Zoom, we send our client or community a public or private link so everyone can click and join using their device of choice.

Professional Experience

The quality of the Spatial experience is second to none. Our offices, conference rooms, presentation facilities, and venues are beautiful. We’re proud to meet potential and current clients in these spaces.

Engagement Options

Our virtual spaces allow us to quickly and easily share and meet established corporate clients with our easy-to-customize avatars wearing business attire. When appropriate and with just a click, we can change our avatar’s appearance into Tommy Hilfiger board shorts and tennis shoes to meet with Gen Z entrepreneurs.

It’s easy to customize meeting venues with client logos and favorite videos. Doing so requires a quick import or screen share. It only takes a few clicks to bring photographs, videos, and slide deck presentations into our virtual spaces.

Live translation with the premium service allows you to chat with anyone, in almost any language, without missing a beat. This feature provides captioned speech in real-time, with support for over 70 languages.


We’ve learned over the years just how important our voices are in the metaverse. Learning how to tell stories, use metaphors and embrace voice inflection techniques all go a long way to effectively and persuasively communicating through our avatars in the virtual spaces. Here’s a post I wrote showing you how to communicating effectively in the metaverse.


Like trial lawyers use anchor spots in court to connect with a jury. In a similar fashion, professional speakers and musicians use anchor spots on stage to build rapport with their audience. In the metaverse, it’s essential to leverage the ability to move your avatar around the room or your venue to do the same thing.

One of the biggest mistakes we see new users make is not paying attention to the movement of their avatars.

Options and Experiences

One of the fantastic things about the metaverse is that almost anything is possible. For fun and to create memorable experiences that our clients talk about long after our meeting, we leverage the power of “Portals” in Spatial.
What I mean by portals is that when we’re done with a traditional meeting in our metaverse converse room, we may ask a fellow snow skier, before we wrap things up, would you like to stop by our private Ski Chalet to check out the ski conditions?

When they say “sure,” and they always do, we have them click on a portal and transport them to a spot next to the burning fireplace inside our firm’s ski chalet. If they’re not a skier, we may bounce over to a poolside bar at the French Riviera or our penthouse suite overlooking the night lights of Dubai or Miami.

These experiences build a connection between a lawyer and client and show the client that we’re walking our talk and having fun in the new metaverse spaces.


Spatial allows us to easily take pictures and videos of our public venues and events and share them across social media and other digital spaces. Doing this helps us easily repurpose content and builds our brand as a web3, metaverse, and AI firm to users who have yet to experience our venues and platforms.


While we’re active on several different platforms, we spend most of our time on the Spatial platform because of the quality of the experiences (our clients expect and deserve a first-class experience). In fact, I’m such a fan of what Spatial brings to the table I agreed to be a brand ambassador for the platform.

Step into the future with us and leverage the power of the metaverse to transform your professional interactions and expand your global footprint. Join us on Spatial to experience the fusion of technology and law, where boundaries blur and the potential is limitless.

Click through to our podcast, explore the show notes, and start your metaverse journey today. Embrace the evolution of connectivity and be at the forefront of innovation—your metaverse adventure awaits!

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