What’s Your Favorite #TBT Biz Tip?

I think “Throw Back Thursdays” are so much fun because we all get to see and share old pics, and memories, on social media.

Today on #Periscope I invited my audience to share their favorite #TBTBizTip (Throw Back Thursday Business Tip) with all of us on Twitter using #TBTBizTip. Later today I’m going to pick my favorite #TBTBizTip and send the lucky winner a $25 dollar Amazon Gift card.

There are several rules and requirements so check out this morning’s periscope for all the details. Now, have fun and share your favorite #TBTBizTip on Twitter including my name @MitchJackson and hashtag #TBTBizTip 🙂

5 Reasons Why I’m Going to the Periscope Community Summit San Francisco 2016!


5 Reasons Why I Am Going To Periscope Summit San Francisco 2016

Why I’m going to January’s Periscope Community Summit San Francisco 2016! (Sharing live on #Periscope Monday at 9:30 am PST | 1:30 pm ET) via MitchJackson.live

Top 12 To Follow On Periscope

Top 12 Periscope List

It was fun rolling out of bed this morning to see my name included on the list. Very cool!

I’m a big fan of mobile live streaming and believe it will change and make the world a better place. If you’re already on Periscope then follow these amazing people (list below). If you haven’t yet downloaded and kicked the Periscope tires, give it a try. Also make sure to let me know and I’ll follow you. Also reach out with any questions or checkout this free email live streaming “how to” course.

And while I have your attention, make sure to join the Facebook Scope Pass Sunday group and also connect with these 3 super stars on social and Periscope 🙂 Vincenzo M Landino,​ Amy M Schmittauer​, and Sue B. Zimmerman​.

If you’re interested in learning more about Periscope, join all of us in San Francisco in January at the Periscope Summit San Francisco. I’ll be speaking on Friday and details can be found here.


Per Vincenzo M Landino:


Mitch Jackson@mitchjackson (Authentic lawyer and overall good guy)

Geoff Golberg@geoffgolberg (His NYC scopes are awesome!)

Brian Fanzo@isocialfanz (Knowledgeable and cutting edge)

John Kapos@chocolatejohnny (a real LEGEND)

Mitch Oates@mitch_oates (check out the SHARK SCOPE!)

Eric S Neitzel@EricNeitzel (Travel and photography, love this guy)

Chalene Johnson@chalenejohnson (Happy life, smarter biz)

Bonnie Frank@bonnielfrank (Built her biz ON Periscope!)

Kim Garst@kimgarst (Super smart about Facebook marketing)

Sue B. Zimmerman@suebzimmerman (A #ShitTon of fun!)

Amy M Schmittauer@schmittastic (Sexy, Savvy and Social)

Jennifer Quinn@jennyq (The sweetest most helpful people out there)

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Lawyers- 7 Apps To Use In Your Next Jury Trial

Mitch Jackson Streaming Lawyer

It can be challenging for lawyers to capture and keep the attention of a jury during trial. Depending on how complicated the facts and issues are, it can also be stressful for lawyers to stay organized and present an easy to digest, but powerful, case.

For those of you who are not lawyers, please understand that trying cases is nothing like what you see on television or in the movies. That’s only the small tip of a very large iceberg. What you don’t see is where all the real work is done.

For these reasons, here are 7 apps lawyers may want to consider using to prepare for and use during their next trial. Join me live on #Periscope at 9:30am PST (12:30pm ET) for all the detals and links! Click here => MitchJackson.live

Mitch Jackson Streaming Lawyer


Live Streaming Under Water

All work and no play will make anyone a dull boy or girl. With this thought in mind I ask you the following two questions:

Are you interested in Periscoping Great White Sharks off Australia’s Great Barrier Reef (here) like Mitch Oates?

Want to have your next corporate board meeting 200 meters offshore, literally on a paddleboard, (here) like Ryan Steinolfson?

If your next adventure is going to be slightly wet, a bit damp, or require you to be surround by sharks 100 feet below the surface of the ocean, then watch this Periscope from Ryan Steinolfson aka “Periscope Ryan” for cool tips and gear to help your adventure be a successful one!

periscope ryan

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Live Streaming Update: Facebook Live is here for EVERYONE and is going to be a game changer!

facebook_streaming_lawyer_community 400

Facebook just announced that it is rolling out Facebook Live, its live video service, to everyone. It will start to display in the “Update Status” section for US-based users with iPhones.

Why is this important? Because with 1.5 billion users and the exponentially increasing popularity of video on Facebook, I see Facebook Live instantly becoming a major player, if not THE major player in the live streaming market. Current live streaming apps such as Periscope, Meerkat, MyEye and FireTalk are separate and don’t integrate all the other features of “community” that already exists in Facebook. Over the long term, this could be a big problem for these other apps.

Facebook Live PeriscopeTo put the thoughts I share in this post into context, please know that I’m a big fan of Periscope and participated at the recent Periscope Summit New York and will be speaking in January at Periscope Community Summit in San Francisco. The community and engagement I’ve experienced on Periscope is amazing and so very much appreciated. Note- my thoughts on Periscope =>

Having said that, technology changes quickly and it’s always important to appreciate, evaluate and even embrace positive change. When doing so and taking Facebook Live into consideration, it’s important to appreciate just how quickly the power of mobile live streaming is changing the world.

Facebook Live will allow people to share what they care about with others. Your travels, activities and passions can all be shared and commented on 24/7. All Facebook users will need to do is tap on the Update Status and then select the Live Video icon. Type a short description (only if you want), pick your audience (public, friends, custom), and go live.

While broadcasting on Facebook Live, you will be able to see who is watching and engage your audience in real time based upon their real-time comments streaming below the live video broadcast. After you’re done, your live stream video will be saved on your Timeline or simply deleted. If you’re looking for interesting live video content, you’ll be able to search and discover content in your Facebook News Feed. If you like a Facebook Live video, you can Subscribe to the broadcaster and be notified the next time he or she goes live.

I believe the real power of Facebook Live is twofold. First, it allows for real-time live streaming from your mobile device. This is huge and what has helped other apps gain massive traction exponentially fast (Periscope gained 10M users watching 40 years of video daily in just a couple of months of service). Second, this new technology is instantly embedded into a dominating social media platform with almost 1.5 billion individual and business community users.

In today’s world, everything is based on immediacy, time and attention. Complimenting this consumer need with mobile live streaming is huge. Facebook’s new Live simply adds to its existing and growing stable of related acquisitions including WhatsApp (fast messaging), Messenger (share anything), Oculus (VR), Internet.org (greater and faster connectivity globally), and Articles, Facebook Notes (connecting instantly and easily through the written word). All of these will now compliment and highlight each other via Facebook Live.

I think the next big step for Facebook Live will be when it incorporates real time bi-directional live streaming video in a fashion similar to Blab and Spreecast (people watching your broadcast can join you via live streaming video from their mobile device). This will raise the bar when it comes to real time engagement and I can’t wait for this to happen.

When Facebook Live rolls out to your iPhone, please let me know and let’s connect. Share your thoughts and experiences about how you’re using the new Facebook Live to share and engage with others!

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