Be Yourself!

Do What Works for You

I don’t set goals.

I multitask all the time.

I rarely make long-term plans.

I could care less about ROI, SEO, and other metrics.


I like what I do and enjoy helping people.

I’m always moving forward and taking action.

I look forward to learning something new each day.

I treasure good people and meaningful relationships.

I don’t do what I do for the money.

Who Do You Enjoy Spending Time With?


“Just play. Have fun. Enjoy the game.” -Michael Jordan

When I was growing up on my parent’s guest ranch in Tucson, we would have many guests come back year after year. One very special person I remember and think about often was “Uncle Louie.”

Although we were not related, Uncle Louie felt like family and was one of my favorite guests to hang out with. He was always laughing, doing magic tricks, and having fun. Everyone enjoyed his company, wanted to be around him, and treated him like family.

Later in life, I learned that in addition to being fun guy, Uncle Louie also happened to be a successful businessman in an industry normally comprised of serious people doing serious things. What made Uncle Louie special is that he didn’t allow his occupation to define his personality and who he was.

We need more Uncle Louies in life.

“You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation.” -Plato

Livestreaming and Online Broadcasting: 88 Predictions for 2017!


I’m honored to be included in this All-Star panel! Want to know what 2017 has in store for livestreaming? Here you go! Click here…

A special thank you to Ross Brand of Livestream Universe for including me in the discussion 🙂

Enjoyed Speaking at The San Diego Tourism Authority!


Last week I had the opportunity to take the stage and speak about social media, law, and tourism, before The San Diego Tourism Authority. Thank you Tyler Anderson of Casual Friday’s for the invite.

Click here to watch the livestream on Facebook Live.

140 High School Seniors, Rotarians and our 27th Annual Vocational Day!

Mitch Jackson Streaming.Lawyer

On Monday, Lisa and I joined our fellow Rotarians and hosted, for the 27th year, our annual Rotary Vocational Day. This year we had 140 high school students join us from three different schools join us for breakfast, conversation, and to listen to two amazing speakers.

Jim Madrid started us off with a compelling presentation about having a proper mindset in business and life. Next, Tina Aldatz, Founder of Foot Petals, shared her amazing story of overcoming almost every obstacle imaginable to achieve success.

All of our Rotarians and guests shared business advice and answered questions all morning long. Yesterday was so much fun and always one of my favorite Rotary events of the year!

Checkout the pictures at my Facebook Page!

My New LegalMinds Mastermind Group™

I am very excited to share my new LegalMinds Mastermind Group™, a cutting-edge community created to help lawyers master their people, business, and digital skills.

There’s a new and better way to practice law, build our brands, and market our practices. I say this because after 30 years of building my law firm, being an entrepreneur, and branding on the digital platforms, if there’s one truth that I’ve learned it’s the following:

When it comes to building their brand, marketing, and developing a practice, most lawyers do what every other lawyer in town is doing. And that’s a shame because 99.99% of these other lawyers don’t have a clue as to what they’re doing or why they’re doing it.

I figured this out twenty years ago and have never looked back. The tools, techniques and approaches I use on a daily basis have allowed me to build a global brand around my Southern California firm. What I’m doing is working very well and now I’m sharing my secret sauce with members of my LegalMinds Mastermind Group™.

If you’re a lawyer who would like to raise the bar in 2017, check out group. If you know a lawyer or have one in the family and would like to give them new practice and quality of life options, send them my way.

I believe that it’s important to be passionate about what you do in life. Heck, I’m more excited about practicing law today than ever before. Most lawyers don’t feel this way. The reason I’m so excited about law and life is because of the “why” and “how” I’m sharing each week in the group.

It’s probably obvious that I’m excited about the new LegalMinds Mastermind Group™. I invite you to click here to see what what my enthusiasm is about!

Commercial Email and the CAN-SPAM Act- What every business owner needs to know!

Email Marketing and The CAN-SPAM Act

Many of my friends have extensive email lists they use for marketing their products, services and companies. Because violations of the CAN-SPAM Act are up to $16,000 per email, I thought it would be a good idea to share these FTC laws and requirements with them and, anyone else in business using commercial email.

The Law

The CAN-SPAM Act sets the rules for commercial email. It covers all commercial messages defined as “any electronic mail message the primary purpose of which is the commercial advertisement or promotion of a commercial product or service.”

According to the FTC, the main requirements you need to be aware of are:

1. Don’t use false or misleading header information. Your “From,” “To,” “ReplyTo,” and routing information – including the originating domain name and email address – must be accurate and identify the person or business who initiated the message.

2. Don’t use deceptive subject lines. The subject line must accurately reflect the content of the message.

3. Identify the message as an ad. The law gives you a lot of leeway in how to do this, but you must disclose clearly and conspicuously that your message is an advertisement.

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7 Ways to Start Your Next Facebook Live

How to Start Your Facebook Live Stream

Your Facebook Live audience has many options. If you fail to capture their immediate attention, they’ll click and go someplace else.

The next time you go live on Facebook, rather than pressing the “Go Live” button and stumbling through the initial sixty seconds with an awkward hello or self-introduction, try one of these seven approaches. If you do this correctly, you’ll intrigue your viewers, capture their attention, and get them invested in knowing what you’re going to say next.

Let’s say I’m jumping on Facebook Live to talk about the power of communication. I might start off with:

1.  A question

“Do you know what the biggest communication challenge is in today’s noisy world? It’s probably not what you think! In today’s Facebook live, I’m going to tell you what this huge challenge is. I’ll also be sharing three ways to overcome this problem and show you how to get your message heard each and every time.”

Next, roll into a short introduction and then move right into the livestream. Don’t waste everyone’s time during the first 5-10 minutes babbling on about nothing.

Six other approaches are:

2. Discuss a Current News Item

“Becoming an effective communicator got me on CNN last night to discuss the Presidential election. During the show, you all saw what happened. I think it just might change the outcome of the election. Would you like to know the communication steps I did to get the invite on to CNN in the first place?”

3. Share a Quote:

“The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.” – George Bernard Shaw

4. Give a Statistic:

“The next time you deliver a speech, keep in mind that 90% of what you’re about to say will be forgotten within 60 minutes of your last spoken word. Want to learn how to help your audience remember almost everything you said?”

5. Have Your Audience Write Something Down

“There are five steps that exceptional communicators use to share their message. Grab a pen and paper because you’ll want to write them down.”

6. Make a Prediction

“By the time we finish this presentation, I predict that you will increase your ability to persuade others by 25 to 50%.

7. Tell a Relevant Story

“I watched opposing counsel give his closing argument. He stumbled through the whole thing. It was a mess. Using 4 of the tips that I’ll be sharing with you today, I stood up, walked over to the jury, and gave a closing argument that resulted in a multi-million dollar verdict. Want to know what those four steps are?”


I believe that creating a bit of intrigue and immediately capturing the attention of your audience is the best way to start off an effective Facebook Live. Follow this up with compelling content while engaging your audience. Do this and there’s no limit to how successful your next Facebook Live will be.