How To Make The Metaverse Easy!

Seven Steps to Getting Started in the Metaverse

I like to keep things simple, easy, and fast. As a full-time trial lawyer and consultant, I’m too busy to waste time complicating the uncomplicated.

Too many people are making the metaverse unnecessarily confusing. Truth be told, if you use the steps below, it’s as easy to start your metaverse journey as it is to create an account on Zoom and go live.

To start using the metaverse, you don’t need to know anything about Web3, NFTs, blockchains, smart contracts, or cryptocurrency. What you do need to know is how to click a mouse and the following seven simple steps.

Ready to get started?

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How to Communicate Better on Social Audio and in the Metaverse

We’re interacting in new ways. Sometimes it’s just with our voice on social audio. Other times it involves audio complimented by our Avatar and digital assets in the Metaverse.

In both circumstances, we only have a few seconds or minutes to attract attention and keep the conversation moving forward. In this interview, my guest, Chris Lema, shows you how to instantly capture attention and connect with others.

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From the NFL to Shark Tank and IceShaker: Chris Gronkowski shares entrepreneurial lessons in the metaverse (a new clip every hour)

Chris Gronkowski

From the NFL to Shark Tank and IceShaker: Chris Gronkowski shares entrepreneurial lessons in the metaverse (a new clip every hour). Please enjoy each clip here in the metaverse.

And speaking of the IceShaker, make sure to click here and grab your favorite water bottle and shaker cup today!


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Tech OG Lawyer and Coder, Ira Rothken, Answers Web3 Questions

00:00 – Introductions
08:08 – What’s your definition of Web3?
09:46 – What’s wrong, if anything, with decentralization?
11:00 – How can we stay clear of NFT scams?
15:46 – US Copyright and Tradmark Office is doing this?
22:29 – What can consumers do in Web3 to stay safe?
31:00 – Can you use NFTs and DAOs for non-profit and charity purposes.
37:50 – Will DAO’s stand up in a court of law?
43:41 – Are regulators ready for Web3 and the metaverse?
45:24 – What recent Web3 news stories have surprised you?
51:25 – What are you most excited about when it comes to Web3?

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Web3 Legal and Business Tips (Crypto Business Podcast Interview)

I enjoyed sharing dozens of valuable Web3 biz/legal tips on Mike Stelzner’s Crypto Business podcast. Watch/listen/read here:




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Watch Top Interviews In The Metaverse!

This is a screenshot of people watching a movie in the metaverse

All week long we’re sharing favorite past video interviews in our metaverse media room. Stop by for a few minutes or a few hours. While you’re in our penthouse, feel free to look around. Don’t forget to see the rooftop entertainment space. Enjoy!

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