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Traditional civil disputes and new web3, AI and metaverse business issues | California Litigation Lawyer of the Year (2013) and Orange County Trial Lawyer of the Year (2009). Click the links to enjoy our popular blog and podcast and get email updates here.

Mitch Jackson actively transforms conflict into collaboration as a private mediator. His straightforward goal: to assist good people and companies in resolving their challenging issues.

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      • Mitch Jackson Mediation is a solution offering private dispute resolution.
      • We help parties privately resolve traditional civil litigation and new web3 technology business disputes from the convenience of their office or home and without the need for time consuming and expensive travel.
      • At your option, we use safe and easy-to-use Zoom, Google Meet and metaverse spaces accessible from your phone, tablet, laptop or desktop.

From Litigation Anxiety to Mediation Serenity: Discover the Transformative Power of Private Mediation

When you confront a civil claim or business dispute, the stress and overwhelm of litigation’s time, expense, and inconvenience loom large. Add the uncertainty and risk of an unpredictable public court or jury verdict to the time stolen from your clients, friends, and family, and it becomes clear that there’s no positive angle to litigating most cases.

In this scenario, my private Zoom and virtual mediation service steps in to assist. My team and I offer a unique and valuable method for resolving conflicts in traditional civil and business matters, as well as emerging web3 and technology issues. With over 30 years of legal experience, I act as a private mediator, using my extensive knowledge and experience to steer through the complexities of your dispute. I provide private non-binding or binding solutions, customizing them to address your specific needs.

My private mediation service represents more than a mere solution; it’s a partnership where your needs take precedence, and your satisfaction is of utmost importance. Grounded in excellence, consistency, attention to detail, empathy, and appreciation, I distinguish myself as a reliable and valuable ally for individuals and business owners who aim to settle their disputes efficiently, amicably, and privately.