The Metaverse Handbook

It’s happening!

Our new book, “The Metaverse Handbook- How to Create, Marketing and Sell in a Virtual World” drops in June. Get on the update list for bonus material, exclusive live event links, free NFTs and more! (traditional book, Kindle and Audible)

The Metaverse Handbook


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Chapters and Topics include:

      • What is the Metaverse?
      • Best Metaverse Headsets
      • Favorite Metaverse Platforms for Business;
      • Equipment and Technology;
      • Legal Aspects of the Metaverse (IP rights, Laws, Contracts, Taxes);
      • How to Create Content, Communicate and Stay Connected in the Metaverse;
      • Buying/Leasing Land and Assets in the Metaverse;
      • Cryptocurency, Metawallets (safety tips), and Due Diligence;
      • NFTs in the Metaverse;
      • Blockchain tips in the Metaverse;
      • Smart Contracts and the Metaverse;
      • DAO’s in the Metaverse;
      • DeFI and the Metaverse;
      • Good Behavior, Human Resources, and Ethical Issues;
      • Physical and Mental Health Considerations;
      • The Future of the Metaverse;
      • Bonus Chapter: “7 STEPS TO CREATING YOUR FIRST NFT- Creating your first NFT is easier than you think with this handy guide” by Ryan Foland.

We’re very excited about the Metaverse, Web3 and blockchain technology. This book will give you everything you need to immediately start building your business and brand in the Metaverse!

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Mitch and Garrett

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