Mediation Steps


The Short Version:

Give us a call (800-661-7044), send us an email ( or reach out by DM on social. We’ll take it from there!


The Slightly Longer Version:

Step #1: Find your mediator:ย  There are many mediators available, so it is important to do your research and find one who is qualified and experienced in the type of dispute you are facing. Because you’re here, I’m guessing you were referred to me by a friend, family member or lawyer. I appreciate you reaching out and look forward to helping. We can check this step off the list. โœ…

Step #2: Schedule and pay for the mediation session: ย Next you’ll need to schedule a mediation session on a date that works for everyone. Most mediations are scheduled for 4 hours although more complicated matters can be booked for 8 hours or several days.

Once you reach out, my team will send everyone a special calendaring link that will allow you to select dates that work for you. It’s easy and fast and so much more efficient than trading phone calls, leaving messages, and having things drop into the cracks.

While the above is being completed, everyone will be sent a standard mediation agreement confirming the date and rules of the mediation. We use an easy to understand agreement and we’ll send it to you via Docusign (you’ll get an email with a link). You can easily review and digitally sign the document with a click of your mouse or tap on your phone.

Next, as described in the mediation agreement, the mediation fees will need to be paid. The mediation fee is split between the parties as agreed (generally equally between the parties) but sometimes one side will agree to pay the full amount. In any case, to quickly and easily get this done, we will send you a link, again via email, for easy online payment.

Step #3: Prepare for the mediation: ย Once the above is done, it’s important to prepare for the mediation by gathering all of the relevant information and documents related to your dispute. The mediation agreement will tell you if, how and when you should share documents with the mediator and other parties.

Step #4: Attend the mediation session: Once the above is completed, you will receive links and access information for your Zoom or Metaverse mediation session. Most of the time mediations are set up so that you’re in one private digital room with your counsel (if you have one) and the other party or parties are in separate private rooms. Keeping everyone in different rooms helps eliminate conflict and stress. You don’t need to see or talk to the other person unless you want to.

Step #5: You’re Done! Sign a mediation settlement agreement: ย If everyone is able to reach an agreement during the mediation, you will sign a mediation settlement agreement. This agreement will outline the terms of your settlement, and it will be legally binding.

Here are several additional tips to help you resolve your issue with mediation:

        • Be prepared to discuss your dispute in detail.
        • Be willing to compromise.
        • Be open to new ideas.
        • Remember that the goal of mediation is to reach a mutually agreeable solution.

Mediation can be a helpful, cost effective and time saving way to resolve disputes. Virtual mediations allow you to do all this with less time, costs and inconvenience.

If you are facing a dispute, I encourage you to consider mediation as an option.




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