The ManeuVR Agency works with people like you–entrepreneurs, business owners, and creators– to show you how to leverage the metaverse to create unique and better brands and new business opportunities and drive new lanes of revenue.

Personalized services include:

      • Recommended technology including headsets;
      • Recommended platforms;
      • Regulatory compliance and legal re IP, contracts and taxes;
      • Content creation;
      • Communication and persuasion skills in the virtual spaces;
      • Digital land and assets;
      • Cryptocurency, digital wallets and due diligence;
      • Creating, hosting and using NFTs;
      • Blockchain;
      • Smart Contracts;
      • DAOs;
      • DeFI;
      • HR and ethics;
      • Physical and mental health;
      • Future options (AI, voice, avatar use/creation).

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