Live Video Lawyer

Every single day something new happens that has legal consequences.

Most don’t know the impact this legal news may have on their business or life. Instead of having access to feedback from an experienced lawyer, too many people base their decisions on recommendations made in social media posts created after a 15 minute Google search by a non-lawyer.

That’s not the way to stay informed. That’s not the way to get your questions answered.

I’m going to fix this. Each day at 8 PM ET (subject to my calendar because I am a full time California trial lawyer), I’ll go live for 20-30 minutes to share what legally happened that day, why it’s important, and how it may affect you.

Because the law is complicated, I’ll also answer your live questions. I’ll make sure you know where you stand, what your legal rights are, and what your next steps can be.

At the end of each show, you’ll have a much better understanding of what legally happened earlier in the day and what you’re best step is to take tomorrow morning.

Join me on live video each evening and stay informed. I will be broadcasting live on all the major social media platforms (Periscope, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn and Facebook).

If you’d like to stay in touch with me, have one-on-one access, and get updates via text, join me on Community. Send a text to (949) 577-7456.

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