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“Success usually comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it.”

— Henry David Thoreau

How are you REALLY doing business online?

Have you taken legal steps to maximize profits and minimize tax liability? Are you using sound and well established business and legal approaches to protect your personal assets from your business liabilities?

Our firm was established in 1986 and it’s first website went live in 1996. We’re extremely involved in the online social media communities and are “all in” when it comes to using digital, social, and livestreaming to help others, build our global brand, and make a positive difference in the digital world.

When it comes to doing business online, one of the biggest problems we see, over and over, are good people with great business ideas making very bad legal and business decisions. We are contacted all the time by people being defrauded or having their business stolen right from under them because they failed to take the necessary legal steps to protect themselves. We’re hit with incoming questions via email, Twitter DM, Facebook Messenger, and the phone, when online business owners who don’t properly document their transaction or, who fail to protect their personal assets from business liabilities, have no where else to turn when a claim or lawsuit is brought against them.

While it’s true that some very smart online business owners have planned ahead and have taken steps to protect themselves and their businesses, the fact of the matter is that most have not.

The Solution

Today, our award winning senior partner, Mitch Jackson, and his social media legal services department, enjoy putting decades of legal expertise to work to help social media and digital business owners, entrepreneurs, agencies, and influencers make smart decisions. We believe the recommendations and awards we’ve received from our efforts, and shared by top legal and marketing, social media, technology experts, and influencers, reflect exactly how we can, and will, help you!

Areas of Practice

 In addition to litigation, mediation, arbitration, and trial services (2009 OC Trial Lawyer of the Year, 2013 California Litigation Lawyer of the Year…), we also help our digital clients with the following:

Intellectual Property | Business Entities | Contracts | Negotiation (popular SlideShare) | Defamation | Theft | Consulting | Document Preparation

Document Creation and Review (popular)

It’s important that you document everything in business. Below are just some of the attorney designed documents we custom create for our clients:

Agency Agreements
Arbitration Agreement
Artwork Release
Brand Ambassador Agreement
Breach of Contract Notice
Business Plan Nondisclosure Agreement
Cease and Desist Letter
Collection Letter
Computer, Email, and Internet Usage Policy
Consulting Services Agreement
Copyright Assignment
Copyright License Agreement (Artwork)
Copyright License Agreement (Written Work)
Demand for Payment
Domain Name Cease and Desist Letter
Domain Name Sale Agreement
Employee Nondisclosure Agreement
Employee Termination Agreement
Employment Related Agreements
Human Resource Documents
Independent Contractor Agreement
Independent Contractor Nondisclosure Agreement
Influencer Agreement
Intellectual Property Assignment
Job Offer Acceptance/Rejection
Letter of Resignation
Letter of Intent for Business Transaction
Management Services Agreement
Model Release for Adults and Minors
Mutual Rescission of Contract and Release
Nondisclosure Agreement
Notice of Dissolution of Partnership
Online Advertising Agreement
Partnership Agreement
Partnership Dissolution Agreement
Patent Application Assignment
Patent Assignment
Permission to Reprint Published Material
Permission to Reproduce Images
Personal Management Agreement
Photography Services Agreement
Promissory Note
Settlement Agreement
Social Media Agency Agreement
Software Distribution Agreement
Sponsorship Agreement
Release of Liability
Release and Authorization to Use Voice and/or Likeness
Request for Permission to Reprint Published Material
Request for Permission to Reproduce Images
Research and Development Agreement
Talent Release for Adults or Minors
Termination Agreement
Trademark Assignment
Trademark Cease and Desist
Trademark License Agreement
Videography Services Agreement
Website Affiliate Agreement
Website Development Agreement
Website Hosting Agreement
Website Maintenance Agreement
Whistleblower Protection Policy
Wireless Device Usage Policy

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Speaking and Interview Opportunities

In addition to being an award winning trial lawyer and sought after business consultant, Mitch also enjoys combining law, social media and livestreaming to disrupt, hack, and improve his clients’ companies, causes, and professional relationships outside the courtroom. He enjoys sharing with others, his thoughts and ideas about how business owners and companies, small and large, can use digital to build their brands and amplify their message from local to global.

If you’d like to have Mitch as your guest on your next livestream or podcast or, if you’d like him to speak at your next event, please use the form below to get started. Mitch enjoys sharing his 30 years of legal and business experience to help others safely navigate the sometimes confusing and dangerous digital business waters and we know he can bring massive and unique value to your next show or event. Visit our newsroom for past and upcoming events.

Questions, Comments, and Inquiries

Please use this confidential form to reach out. We’ll review and be in touch with options, solutions, and suggestions. Also feel free to connect on social media with Mitch via Mitch.Social

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