Mitch Jackson's Legal, Consulting and Speaking Services

Mitch Jackson enjoys putting more than three decades of top-rated and award-winning experience to work to create an excellent client experience and get the best results possible. Depending on the type of legal matter, he offers his services on an hourly, contingency fee, or hybrid basis (a combination of the two).

In the spirit of transparency and, because Mitch knows he’s not the right fit for everyone looking for legal help, Mitch’s fee structures and options are below. They follow California State Bar Rules and are subject to the terms and conditions of a signed and dated retainer agreement.

Legal Services:

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Consulting Services (Trial Advocacy and Traditional, Web3, Metaverse and AI Business Development):

In addition to providing legal services, Mitch enjoys offering consulting services to new and growing offline and online businesses. Since 1986, Mitch has helped hundreds of companies with their startup, litigation, and trial needs. He uses his expertise to help clients get started the right way, avoid making costly mistakes, and maximize profits.

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Mitch enjoys planting seeds and giving solutions, through storytelling based upon three decades of success as a tech-savvy trial attorney. Current (and favorite) topics include AI, Web3 and the Metaverse. See Mitch’s speaking page.

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Brand Ambassador/ Evangelist

Mitch is a Brand Ambassador/Evangelist for multiple US and global based companies. He enjoys supporting products and services that he knows, likes and trust. Click here to reach out if you’re interested in forming a professional relationship with Mitch.

Interviews (traditional and breaking news)

Subject to his litigation, consulting and speaking calendars, Mitch enjoys sharing his expertise with your audience via television, radio, print, podcast, video, and live video shows. Trending news around topics like the following are preferred:


Mitch enjoys last minute interviews on breaking news stories. If his calendar allows and he can add value, he’ll be ready to go. Simply contact his assistant, Stephanie, via email here and she’ll track Mitch down (

Other more traditional topics for more traditional interviews includes:

(1) businesses, professionals, and entrepreneurs using digital;

(2) business success tips;

(3) business relationships building tips (showing your human side in business and online);

(4) marketing and branding;

(5) tech in business and the law (AI, web3 and the metaverse);

(6) communication and negotiation tips;

(7) trial advocacy (of course).


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