I am proud to be a Spatian!

I am proud to be a “Spatian,” part of a new generation of creators, ambassadors, educators and trailblazers that are pioneering immersive metaverse experiences.

By the way, the Spatial metaverse (my favorite) rolled out exciting and powerful new updates this week focused on building meaningful communities. One of these features is the new profile page. Please use this link to stay connected with me on Spatial and to also grab your own name before it’s taken. Start here.

This Week’s Web3 and Metaverse Shows

This Week’s Schedule (week of October 3, 2022)

Two things. First, this post is constantly being updated during the week. Please check back often. Second, all shows and updates are shared on my Twitter feed and over in the Discord.

Monday: Morning Coffee in the Metaverse 9 am ET

Monday: #web3 | #metaverse and lawyers on Twitter Spaces (6 pm ET)

Tuesday: Twitter Spaces Tuesday (Web3/Metaverse) 9 pm ET

Wednesday: LinkedIn Live Audio (Web3/Metaverse) 2 pm ET

Thursday: Live Video on all the platforms (via Streamyard) 
Simply go to any of my platforms to watch/listen/participate
Start here. 1 pm ET

Thursday: Live Video on Entre- Look for the live video here at 9 pm ET

Friday: Clubhouse Social Audio 11 am ET

PS- Are you part of our private web3 and metaverse community?