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If you have always wanted to talk to a high-profile lawyer, investor, and entrepreneur but didn’t have the connections, funds, or opportunity to make it happen, you will like what I’m doing and sharing here.

Even if you are in a financial position to secure counsel with a firm like ours, maybe there wasn’t a need to do so or, the timing was bad.

Either way, and for a limited time, I’m putting aside 15 minutes each day to take your private or public call and have a conversation. We usually set appointments weeks out, and my office charges up to $500 for 15 minutes of my time. With this special “Chat with Mitch” opportunity, you can get me on the phone without paying a penny.

Private Calls

Use this link to schedule a call. We can chat about anything you like, or you can pick my brain by tapping into my 35 years of experience and resources to get your questions answered. These private calls are just between us and always confidential.

Public Calls

Grab a group of friends and join me on a call. For those of you who have been reaching out for an interview on your podcast, video, or social audio show, we can take these 15 minutes to do the interview and record your show and coordinate something on Zoom or one of the social audio platforms. Click here to book your 15 minutes and just share your needs in the appointment notes.


My team is scheduling daily calls for 10 AM PDT (1 PM ET), subject to my availability on my litigation, consulting and speaking calendars. Use this Calendly link to reserve your space in my calendar.

I’m only doing one call each day and limiting access to a single call per person. Everyone is welcome to schedule a call but all that I ask is that you limit this opportunity to a one-time call (this will give everyone a chance to chat).

If you reside in a different time zone on the other side of the world and, as such, find that it’s exceptionally challenging for you to schedule your call, message my executive assistant, Stephanie, to see if we can accommodate your schedule.


Do you have a legal, business, marketing, branding, or Web3 question? Have you been trying to get on my radar but have been unsuccessful? Do you simply want to meet me one on one and say hello?

Well, it’s never been easier to connect. Now’s the time to do so. Use the link below, and let’s make it happen!

Again, my team is only letting me schedule one free 15-minute call a day, so make sure you take advantage of this opportunity.

Click here to schedule your free call.

PS- If you’re thinking about law school, graduating from law school, or are already a lawyer interested in transitioning into trial work or the Web3 spaces, use this opportunity to connect and say hi. This free call is an excellent opportunity to tap into my three decades of experience and get unbiased insight and answers.

Smart Contract Legal Issues

Smart Contract Legal Issues

Smart contracts are automatically executed computer code that complete a transaction between two parties. They are essential to distributed blockchains and other distributed ledger technologies. I believe the proper use of smart contracts is indispensable to Web 3.0 working correctly.

While appreciating the importance of smart contracts, many unanswered legal questions surround their use. For example:

Are smart contracts legally enforceable in the United States?

How do The Uniform Commercial Code and Statute of Frauds work with smart contracts?

Is the Electronic Signatures in Global National Commerce Act (“E-SIGN Act”) applicable to smart contacts?

Continue reading “Smart Contract Legal Issues”

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If you are a creator and doing business in the Web3 and NFT spaces, you must listen to this recorded conversation that originally took place on Twitter Spaces. David Bianchi, Tal Navarro, Maneisha, Ira Rothken, Esq., and yours truly, all dive deep in addressing the big issues during Q&A to help everyone in the Web 3.0 community better understand, enjoy and even profit while doing business in these spaces.

Web3, NFTs and Taxes

It’s that time of year again– tax time, and we had a good discussion on Twitter Spaces Tuesday morning about Web3 and NFT taxes. In this audio, I summarize a few take-a-ways and share a few new thoughts. You can listen to the original recorded Twitter Spaces here.

No legal, financial or tax advice is being given. Please listen carefully to the disclaimer in the audio clip and read this important disclaimer.