My First Defeat (and what I learned from the experience)

My first loss at trial was tough to stomach. It hurt.

Here’s what happened and what I learned. Maybe my experience will help you too.

10 Acting Tips That Will Help Trial Lawyers Get Better Verdicts!

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TV star turned trial lawyer, Jamie Holland, shares his MOST POWERFUL “Top 10 Acting Tips” that will help YOU perform better during your next trial.

Not a lawyer. No worries. They work in sales too!

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Jamie Holland, a TV-star-turned-attorney shares 10 acting tips for trial lawyers

Today’s guest is attorney Jamie Holland, a TV-star-turned-attorney sharing 10 acting tips for trial lawyers.

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Here’s a bit more about Jamie: Successful lawyering depends on the power of persuasion. Before law school, Jamie pursued a career as a professional actor in Los Angeles after obtaining a Master of Fine Arts Degree from the University of Southern California. Following several appearances in the soap operas “Santa Barbara” and “Young and the Restless,” Jamie left his union cards with the Screen Actors Guild and the American Federation of Television and Radio Artist behind to put his persuasion skills to use in the courtroom. Jamie obtained his law degree from The University of Alabama.

The Secret To REALLY Connecting With Your Social Media Community in 2021

If you really want to connect with your community in 2021, create and share your personal stories and experiences– your hobbies, interests and passions, on #socialmedia. I dive a bit deeper on this topic in this 6 minute audio.

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Trial Lawyer Show with Mitch Jackson

I have a new show where I’m interviewing top trial lawyers from around the world. These are trial lawyers most people don’t have access to and whose success in the courtroom has resulted in combined settlements and jury verdicts valued at billions of dollars impacting our world and helping make society a safer and better place.

I’ll ask them to share their winning trial advocacy approaches and a few of their favorite war stories during each episode. We’ll also touch upon topics like:

What makes a good lawyer a great trial attorney?

Why do some lawyers connect with their jury and consistently get million-dollar verdicts while others are routinely disappointed with their results?

How can you have a meaningful and rewarding career as a trial lawyer?

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P.S. Even if you’re not a trial lawyer, the powerful persuasion and presentation techniques these gifted trial lawyers will be sharing can be life-changing. These approaches will work for anyone in sales, marketing, or engaging with employees, customers, clients, and patients. Again, join us for our next live show and get updates at the!