100+ Things We Do For Our Clients

This is a picture of Senior Partners, Mitch Jackson and Lisa Wilson, of the California law firm, Jackson and Wilson.

Most people are not aware of all the things we do to help and protect our law clients at my firm, Jackson & Wilson. With this in mind, I’m sharing in this post many of the steps we take with each catastrophic injury and wrongful death case we agree to handle.

This list is based on 36 years of settlement, litigation, and trial experience. Please understand that there are a few “top-secret” things we do to maximize a favorable outcome of our client’s cases that are not mentioned in this list (we don’t want the other side to know what they are); however, what we do reveal gives you a good idea of what it takes to protect our client’s rights and add value to their cases.

The List

In most California catastrophic and injury cases, we do the following:

#1: Meet with you in person or via Zoom for an initial and private attorney/client consultation.

#2: We coordinate the execution of the mandatory written State Bar approved Attorney/Client Retainer Agreement, along with all related forms (general authorizations, HIPAA medical authorizations, and 4-5 additional forms.

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When you’re harmed because of the wrongful conduct of others, you incur large medical bills, loss of wages and other damages. Your life is turned upside down. Dealing with experienced and aggressive insurance company claims adjusters can make you feel like you’re taking on the biggest and meanest dinosaur that has ever walked the planet.

That’s where we come in. We focus our practice on helping catastrophic injury and wrongful death clients like you to make sure you receive full compensation from the responsible party. We make sure all the bills are paid and that you receive full compensation for your pain and suffering. By the time we’re done, we turn the insurance company dinosaurs into harmless puppies.

Our clients are the people who are struck by careless drivers of cars and trucks and who need one of the most experienced law firms in Southern California. Our clients are people just like you.

Because of the reputation we’ve built over the last 34 years, clients know they can trust us. They know we’re the lawyers who tame dinosaurs. And now you do too.

We’re here if you need us.

Mitch and Lisa
Jackson & Wilson, Inc.

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