The Legal Ins and Outs of Livestreaming (via Ecamm)

From Ecamm: Today at 1PM ET we are unlocking another leap into live streaming session (live and recorded).

In this session he breaks down the legal ins and out of #livestreaming, and teaches you easy ways to protect yourself when streaming! Watch above or here on YouTube.

New Facebook Group for Lawyers on Clubhouse

If you’re a lawyer on Clubhouse, and would like to keep the conversation going after the room is over, please join us over in the new Facebook Group for “Lawyers on Clubhouse.”

We’re sharing Clubhouse tips, co-hosting opportunities and networking opportunities. For example, the idea is to have a place where lawyers on Clubhouse can do the following 24/7:

1. Share tips and answer questions about using Clubhouse.
2. Share interesting Rooms and Clubs.
3. Crowdsource ideas relating to Clubhouse.
4. Networking opportunities (co-moderating rooms, referrals…)

Click the link, answer a few questions to confirm you’re a lawyer on Clubhouse, you agree to keep things positive, and you’re good to go!

Clubhouse Tips for Lawyers and Law School Students (and everyone else too)

Clubhouse Tips

Here are 12 tips to help you enjoy the new Clubhouse “audio only” platform. Please connect with me on the platform and never hesitate to reach out with questions or, if you’d like help moderating a room. A big “thank you” to behavioral scientist Clarissa Silva for inviting me on to the platform.

[update- a related post is now available, “Tips for Moderating a Clubhouse Room]

#1 Mindset

Have the mindset of building relationships, networking and adding value. Give, give and then give some more. Don’t promote yourself or pitch your products and services—unless asked to do so.

#2 Complete Your Profile

Take time to complete your profile. The first 3 lines are very important because that’s what someone sees when they click on your profile picture. Make a good initial impression. Also add your Instagram and Twitter accounts to allow for further conversations in your Instagram and Twitter DMs. I use my “Note” app on my laptop, desktop and iPhone to create my profile and then copy/past over into the app. If you use iCloud it will sync with your phone and then you can copy/paste. Or, you can email the bio to your phone and copy/paste that way.

#3 Join Rooms and Listen

Get a feel for the app by simply joining rooms and listening. You’ll quickly figure out how the process works. If you want to see my rooms and how I’m engaging, follow me on Clubhouse (I use my name “mitch Jackson”) and when you click and go to my profile, click the little alert bell. This will let you know when I’m in a room speaking or moderating a room. The CH etiquette is pretty straightforward and takes just a few minutes to figure out.

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Here’s Why I’m Such a Big Fan of Clubhouse!

Yes, I’m a big fan of the Clubhouse, the relatively new audio only platform. During my Thursday afternoon interview on Chris Trappe’s Amazon Live show, I share exactly why I’m “all in” on the platform and, specific tips to help you maximize your time on the app. Enjoy! (click here)

Meet Matt Barnett- “Papa Bear” of the video branding tool Bonjoro

I’m chatting with Matt Barnett, CEO of Bonjoro, an Australian based company that allows you to boost customer engagement with perfectly timed personal videos. Whatever the touchpoint, Bonjoros simple platform and powerful integrations make it easy to convert your customers with video.

Watch us live, meet Matt, and bring your questions. We go live at 3pm ET on all my major platforms.

Between now and then, connect with Matt at Bonjoro.

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