New Periscope “Professionals” Group

Professionals on Periscope

Breaking News- Periscope now allows for groups!

I’ve set up a new group for professionals who enjoy using live streaming to exchange ideas and build their businesses and companies. This new group tool allows for smaller communities with similar interests and passions to enjoy Periscope in a more controlled environment.

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My New Public Figure (all biz) Facebook Page


My new “public figure” Facebook page is live at MitchJackson.Ninja.

This is where I’ll be sharing daily business and entrepreneur tips, live videos, and also updates about my new book, Overnight Success.

Please stop by, give my new page a like and subscribe to updates.

My New Book- “How to Become an Overnight Success in Business and Life!”


“How To Become An Overnight Success In Business and Life” (Release date 2017)

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Cracking Up With Friends on Live Video!


Another fun with guests,’s Marc Gawith of Be.Live (a new live streaming website and community for creators), Jennifer Quinn of The JennyQ Show, Jennifer Hoverstad and yours truly.

We talked livestreaming, community, and so much more. Check it out by clicking here!


Joel Comm Recommendation

joel comm

“I’ve been an early adopter of tech, social and live streaming and have seen almost everything there is to see in the tech space. While platforms come and go, the one consistent business asset that never seems to change are quality relationships with people who #DoGoodStuff.

Mitch and his team of top-rated lawyers at Jackson & Wilson, Inc. have been embracing tech and the Internet since the mid-1990s. They understand the changing needs and legal issues that relate to tech startups and businesses using the digital platforms. I’ve had the pleasure of having Mitch’s firm assist me with several legal matters, and his legal team always shared honest and timely feedback, even on the weekends.

If you’re looking for a lawyer and law firm that understands tech, social media and doing business the human to human way, give Mitch and his team a call. They’ll take great care of you and always put your best interest first.”

Joel Comm is a Keynote Speaker, NY Times Best-Selling Author, Futurist and Social Influencer.

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Sharing Live Streaming and Social Media Ideas with Chapman University Students


Last Wednesday night I had the pleasure of giving a guest lecture for Professor Niklas Myhr aka “The Social Media Professor” at Chapman University. We chatted about social media, live streaming, being an entrepreneur and newsjacking.

It was a fun evening and Professor Myhr caught a few minutes on Periscope (click here).


Tuesday Morning Over Salt Creek Beach

Tossed the drone up early Tuesday morning while live streaming through Periscope. Hope you enjoy the bird’s-eye view as much I do sharing it with you. Click here to watch and follow me on Twitter and Periscope (@MitchJackson) for real-time links and shows 😉

Mitch Jackson Streaming Lawyer


Exciting Livestreaming Updates from Facebook, Youtube and Twitter!


Facebook Live is going to allow for split screen shows. You’ll be able to bring on another guest from down the street or the other side of the world. Facebook is also going to allow you to schedule your live broadcasts which will give you the opportunity to promote your livestream. Viewers will now be able to connect early in a “staging room” so that they don’t miss the start of your show. Add the new scheduling option and this should result in a more informed and larger real-time audiences.

Youtube is rolling out the ability for you to go live and stream from your mobile device. Similar to Facebook Live and Periscope, the platform will allow for real-time engagement with comments. What is really huge about this update is that you will be able to tap into your existing Youtube community and search Youtube livestreams while they’re happening.

Twitter and Periscope are now including the “go live” Periscope button within the Twitter app. You no longer need to open and use the separate Periscope app to start a livestream broadcast. And speaking of Twitter, you can now create and tweet videos that are 140 seconds long (up from the prior 30 second time limit). See the above tweet as an example.

I always enjoy seeing how other people are using the new livestreaming digital platforms so please share your ideas, comments and broadcasts with me.


The Streaming Lawyer Mentioned in “12 Rising Stars in Social Media Marketing”

12 Rising Stars in Social Media Mitch Jackson aka Streaming Lawyer

Mitch is in court but when he gets back we know he’ll be excited to learn that John Lincoln of Ignite Visibility gave him a shout out in today’s article titled, “12 Rising Stars in Social Media Marketing”. Our very own “Streaming Lawyer” works his butt off to share value and help others on the digital platforms and we can’t wait him to hear this exciting news!

Click here to read John’s article and to connect with these amazing social peeps!


In True Streaming Lawyer Fashion, My Weekly Newsletter Goes 100% Video!

New Video Streaming Lawyer Newsletter

My popular weekly newsletter will still go out each Tuesday at 1pm ET and arrive safely in your email inbox. But, instead sharing 30 years of valuable tips in long written email format, I am now going to give you life-long tips and advice in the form of a short and concise video that you can watch and listen to at your convenience and from your mobile device. And that’s the way it should be. After all, I am the streaming lawyer right!

Why am I doing this? Because I believe people are tired of reading long emails, listening to long podcasts, or having to go to websites and blogs to get content. I share a bit more of my thoughts behind this change while checking the surf from Strands Saturday morning (via Periscope and Snapchat).