The Startling 23andMe Attack and 14,000 Reasons You Must Read Terms of Service Agreements!

In the high-octane world of digital information, where every byte of data can be as critical as the finest legal argument, understanding the nuances of Terms of Service (TOS) agreements is not just shrewd—it’s imperative. Take it from a lawyer who’s been in the game for 30+ years: ignoring the fine print in TOS agreements is like walking into a legal battle blindfolded. You just don’t do it.

Case in point: the recent 23andMe data breach. This wasn’t just a small-time intrusion; hackers accessed around 14,000 customer accounts. Let that sink in. Thousands of individuals had their genetic and ancestral information compromised.

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New Lawyers- Learn These Six Skills!

Do you want to know what separates a successful lawyer from one who barely scrapes by?

After starting my own firm, trying 70+ cases to verdict, winning a few awards from my peers, and successfully practicing law for over 3 decades, I’ve come to realize that there are six key skills every new lawyer should prioritize in order to thrive in this profession.

Whether you’re in big law or striking out on your own, these fundamental abilities will ultimately determine the trajectory of your career. So, if you’re ready to learn what it takes to truly succeed as a lawyer, please check out my deck. Take action on these 6 skills and the sky’s the limit.

Enjoy my thoughts and presentation below or via see all 6 skills here on LinkedIn.

What do you think? What did I miss? What would you add?

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Mitch Jackson, Esq.
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What EVERYONE Needs to Know About the New Clubhouse “Gifts” Feature (giving money to others)

First, I’m a fan of being able to monetize digital platforms, especially Clubhouse. Having said that, there are issues everyone needs to understand.

Regarding what is happening on Clubhouse, most of the details can be found in your profile. Simply click your profile, click the settings button (top right), drop down to the “What’s New” tab and read. You can also see this post.

During my room earlier today, we had a good discussion on this new update to Clubhouse. The extremely smart lawyers and professionals who joined me on stage shared their thoughts around the following related issues that I think we all need to pay attention to. For the lawyers reading this, you may want to share your recommendations with clients who are using Clubhouse and plan on monetizing the platform.

Issues Recognized and Discussed:

How are our profiles created? As individuals or through our business entities?

Ethics and conflicts of interests issues?

Is the payment an actual gift or is it consideration for value? (substance over form issue).

State/Federal/Bar/Regulatory issues?

State, national and international tax liability issues?

For the lawyers, doctors and accountants reading this post, are you creating an actual attorney/client relationship or the appearance of a professional relationship?

I am a big fan of being able to monetize the Clubhouse platform. However, there are major things for everyone involved to take into consideration including those topics above.

If you have questions, please check with an experienced lawyer and accountant in your state. For purposes of interviews, I’m available to be a guest speaker on your Clubhouse stage if anyone has questions.

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Social Media Influencer Liability Safety Tips

Over the years I’ve created and shared a few popular posts and videos to help influencers, agencies and brands make smart online business and marketing decisions. Based upon some of the conversations I have had this week on the new Clubhouse (audio only) platform, here are several posts everyone will find helpful. [see disclaimer as to all content shared at this website]

Social Media Influencer Liability

21 Clauses That Should Be In Every Influencer Marketing Contract

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Influencer Marketing FTC Update (FEB 18, 2020)

FTC Disclosure Requirements

Influencer Marketing- Tips for Influencers, Social Media Agencies, Brands and Consumers

Six Reasons Why My Online Business Friends Need to Incorporate or Become an LLC

9 Legal and Entrepreneurial Tips To Help You Start and Build Your Online Business

How To Protect Your Digital ASS(ets) With Estate and Business Succession Planning

Video: How Brands Can Protect Themselves From Influencer Mistakes, Wrongdoing and Liability (Part 1 of 3)

Video: How Social Media Agencies Can Protect Themselves From Influencer Liability (Part 2 of 3)

Video: How Influencers Can Protect Themselves (Part 3 of 3)


I talk about these, and other issues on my live video shows, interviews and in my Clubhouse Rooms. If you’d like a short text or email update as to when I go live, click here.