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My new “public figure” Facebook page is live at MitchJackson.Ninja.

This is where I’ll be sharing daily business and entrepreneur tips, live videos, and also updates about my new book, Overnight Success.

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My New Book- “How to Become an Overnight Success in Business and Life!”


“How To Become An Overnight Success In Business and Life” (Release date 2017)

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Sexual Assault Safety Tips From a Lawyer and Cop


Earlier today I did a short livestream on Periscope sharing tips to help protect you from sexual assault. You can watch by going to (please share using the buttons on Periscope and here if you like the content and think this information may help protect others).

Just an FYI, Police Officer, Mike Bires, and I will be going into more detail about sexual assault and share proven safety tips and advice on our popular livestreaming show, “” airing live on November 10th at 11 am PT. You can RSVP by going to

Joel Comm Recommendation

joel comm

“I’ve been an early adopter of tech, social and live streaming and have seen almost everything there is to see in the tech space. While platforms come and go, the one consistent business asset that never seems to change are quality relationships with people who #DoGoodStuff.

Mitch and his team of top-rated lawyers at Jackson & Wilson, Inc. have been embracing tech and the Internet since the mid-1990s. They understand the changing needs and legal issues that relate to tech startups and businesses using the digital platforms. I’ve had the pleasure of having Mitch’s firm assist me with several legal matters, and his legal team always shared honest and timely feedback, even on the weekends.

If you’re looking for a lawyer and law firm that understands tech, social media and doing business the human to human way, give Mitch and his team a call. They’ll take great care of you and always put your best interest first.”

Joel Comm is a Keynote Speaker, NY Times Best-Selling Author, Futurist and Social Influencer.

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Creepy Clowns and The Law!


On Thursday morning, Police Officer Mike Bires, and yours truly shared out thoughts on about “Creepy Clowns”, your First Amendment Rights, law enforcement and civil wrongs. The show was live on Huzza (click here) and Facebook Live (click here).

So what do you think about this entire “Creepy Clown” situation? Share your thoughts on social or below!