The Legal & Marketing Impacts of AI, the Metaverse and Web 3.0

I thought this interview shared some extremely valuable insights and approaches.


Jason Falls‘ intro:

There are more than just marketing opportunities to Web 3.0, the #Metaverse and #AI. There are legal concerns, too. Who better to discuss both than Mitch Jackson? He’s the co-author of a new book called The Web 3, Metaverse and AI Handbook and has been building and experimenting in these new venues to help us understand them. Enjoy on The Rise – The Community Commerce Marketing Show.

Meet Jake Steinerman, “Head of Community” at


This week on “The Web3, Metaverse and AI Show” my special guest is legal tech leader and innovator, Jake Steinerman. Jake is “Head of Community” at

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Jake is leading the charge in revolutionizing the way we connect and interact online. With a decade of experience in the AR/VR space, Jake has established himself as a trailblazer in the industry, helping everyone from Fortune 500 enterprises and consumer brands to individual creators, create engaging immersive experiences for their audiences.

At Spatial, Jake is utilizing his extensive background to build a community of artists, designers, and creators (and this lawyer) to push the boundaries of the immersive, interactive internet. As a social 3D platform, Spatial offers the ultimate tool for game designers, enabling them to turn their Unity scenes into live, multiplayer experiences across web, VR, and mobile in just one click.

With a vast network of partners and a unique intersection of web3, immersive 3D experiences, and digital collectibles, Jake and the Spatial team are leading the way in shaping the next generation of global connectivity and digital interaction. Join Jake and the Spatial community as they build the future of the internet, one experience at a time. Get started today at Spatial and between now and show time, connect with Jake on LinkedIn.

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Why I’m “ALL IN” on Web3 and the Metaverse

I’m “all in” when it comes to web3 and the metaverse. In this two-minute video clip, I share why.

This conversation happened because of the talented Robert Hanna, a LinkedIn UK Creator Accelerator. The topic of the full interview is “Why Law Firms Need To Pivot To Web3.”

If you’ve been thinking about web3 and the metaverse and don’t know where to start, Robert and I share exactly what you need to know and do to begin leveraging the power of these new technologies. Watch the full 30-minute interview on LinkedIn  Twitter  and in the metaverse. 

I hope all the lawyers in my life watch this interview.

Such a fun (and important) conversation that I know the lawyers in my life will enjoy. This is how we’re tapping into the power of digital (social audio, video and yes, the metaverse) to help others, add value and build our brands.

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How To Love Your Job For 35 Years

Mitch Jackson

You are a superstar Cindy Watson. Thank you for having me on your
“Practicing with Purpose: For Lawyers Only” podcast!

Cindy titled our episode, “How to Love Your Job for 35 Years.” During our chat, I shared tips that have made practicing law fun and interesting. Who knows, regardless of what you do for a living, maybe some of these things will work for you too. Listen here.