Communicating in 2023

JaMarr Johnson shares powerful communication techniques with Mitch (storytelling, being vulnerable, using metaphors) during Mitch’s Wednesday LinkedIn “Web3, Metaverse and AI” live audio show.

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How To Tell Good Stories

A good story is like a rollercoaster ride, taking the audience on an emotional journey with twists, turns, and surprises that leave a lasting impression.

In today’s LinkedIn newsletter, I share three powerful ways to tell better stories. These are the same three approaches I use during mediations and trials to obtain million dollar settlements and verdicts for my clients.

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Breaking the Barriers: Overcoming Global Communication Challenges to Foster Meaningful Connections and More Persuasive Relationships

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Enjoy, “Breaking the Barriers: Overcoming Global 🌎 Communication Challenges to Foster Meaningful Connections and More Persuasive Relationships.”

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New Global Communication Techniques

The business world is evolving at lightning speed, and it’s more important than ever for all of us to capture the attention of our customers and clients and communicate with them in innovative ways. 

As we expand our reach to a global audience, communication barriers like time zones and different languages have caused unexpected challenges and in some cases, have even threatened our business relationships.

These challenges are real for all of us.

Here’s what my team and I did.

For the past 25 years, we’ve been communicating and doing business with clients from around the world. We’ve figured out effective ways to embrace new global opportunities while navigating the challenges mentioned above. We’re also taking steps to protect our privacy and security, and our client’s privacy and security, in a world of ever-increasing compromise.

Next week I’ll be sharing a new post explaining how we do all of the above and which tools and resources we use to build global relationships and communicate with clients effectively and safely around the world.

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Belonging To The Brand- Why Community is the Last Great Marketing Strategy


My son, Garrett Jackson, and yours truly are honored to be profiled in Chapter 11 of best-selling author Mark Schaefer’s new book, “Belonging to the Brand: Why community is the last great marketing strategy.”

In his new book, Mark delves into the evolving landscape of new community building and expectations and how these shape how we connect. He shows you how the new consumer mindset originating from the pandemic and working from home, coupled with the emergence of acceptance of new technology like web3 and the metaverse, permits brands to create new and unique opportunities and meaningful communities.

During our interview, Garrett and I shared how people and companies are leveraging new technology and opportunities like the metaverse and web3 to create immersive and interactive experiences that foster deeper connections with their audience.

Throughout the book, Mark shares how forward-thinking people, companies, and brands are leveraging these new technologies to create more memorable and meaningful experiences and communities. By embracing the power of community and communication, they can connect with their audience in new, unique, memorable ways. I found the specific case studies at the end of each chapter eye-opening and valuable.

One of the key takeaways from the book is the importance of authenticity and transparency in building brand loyalty. Especially in today’s digital age, consumers are increasingly savvy and demand honesty and transparency from the brands they support. Brands that are able to build communities upon a foundation of trust and authenticity through open, honest, and meaningful communication are more likely to cultivate a loyal and engaged audience.

Another key takeaway for me is the importance of creating a sense of belonging within a brand community. Brands that are able to create a sense of belonging and connection with their audience are more likely to foster loyalty and engagement. Throughout the book, Mark shows you, via real-world examples, different ways to make everyone feel like a meaningful part of the community.

Overall, “Belonging to the Brand” is a thought-provoking and timely read for anyone interested in the future of brands, community, and connecting. I’m recommending everyone in my global community get the book and put Mark’s ideas into action.

Mark’s new book is available on Amazon (Kindle version) today, and the traditional book and audible will come out on January 9, 2023.