Lawdroid AI Copilot for Lawyers

Introducing Lawdroid’s Copilot, the revolutionary AI-powered legal assistant designed specifically for attorneys. Copilot streamlines your legal practice by utilizing cutting-edge AI technology to research cases, explore legal issues, craft persuasive emails and letters, strategize innovative ideas, and condense documents with ease.

Experience a user-friendly interface that simplifies your workflow and helps you unlock your full potential. Mitch, a lawyer and legal expert with 37 years of experience and a passion for integrating technology into the legal field, is a firm believer in the transformative power of AI platforms like Copilot. He envisions a future where lawyers can deliver superior services with unprecedented speed and accuracy, ultimately enhancing client satisfaction and outcomes.

As a testament to his conviction, Mitch and his team not only use Copilot, but he has also taken on the role of being a brand ambassador for the Lawdroid Copilot product. Discover the excitement and experience the future of practicing law by visiting Lawdroid today at

Lawyers- Have you tried LawBrokr for fast and easy client lead management?

Discover the game-changer for law firms: Lawbrokr! It revolutionized my team’s approach to lead management, freeing me up to focus on what I do best—running an award-winning law firm.

Say goodbye to wasted time with unqualified leads and fruitless consultations. Lawbrokr’s cutting-edge lead capture system is here to elevate your client acquisition process.

By providing easy-to-create, stunning, and personalized landing pages, Lawbrokr attracts the right clients for your firm. Moreover, its streamlined workflows seamlessly collect crucial data for you every step of the way.

As a proud brand ambassador for Lawbrokr, I’m thrilled to endorse a service that simplifies and enhances the new client journey from start to finish. I’m confident you’ll appreciate the exceptional advantages Lawbrokr brings to your firm as well.

Don’t miss out on the chance to experience Lawbrokr’s magic for yourself. Spare a few minutes to explore their platform and make sure to mention my name for VIP treatment and a complimentary demo. Start here.

Social Media Influencer Disclosure Requirements

Are you a social media influencer or brand ambassador who recommends or endorses products and services? If so, you need to comply with the law when making recommendations. Click to read the Federal Trade Commission’s “Disclosures 101 for Social Media Influencers.”

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New Artificial Intelligence Copywriting Service

To all the busy lawyers, business owners, and entrepreneurs in my life.

How would you like to have an AI tool save you time while writing all of your marketing copy and content…

Continue reading “New Artificial Intelligence Copywriting Service”

Brand Building and Social Liability, What You Need to Know!

I had a blast chatting with the always amazing Jennifer Watson on AgoraPulse’s Social Pulse Weekly live video show. We share tips to help you get your business digitally ready to finish 2021 with a BANG!

Social Media Influencer Liability Safety Tips

Over the years I’ve created and shared a few popular posts and videos to help influencers, agencies and brands make smart online business and marketing decisions. Based upon some of the conversations I have had this week on the new Clubhouse (audio only) platform, here are several posts everyone will find helpful. [see disclaimer as to all content shared at this website]

Social Media Influencer Liability

21 Clauses That Should Be In Every Influencer Marketing Contract

Hashtags No Longer Protect Influencers. Actually, they never did!

Influencer Marketing FTC Update (FEB 18, 2020)

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I talk about these, and other issues on my live video shows, interviews and in my Clubhouse Rooms. If you’d like a short text or email update as to when I go live, click here.

New Book Recommendation from Michelle Reinglass, Esq.

I’m humbled. Thank you Michelle Reinglass, Esq. (former president of the Orange County Bar Association, former chair of its Business Litigation Section, past chairperson of the California Employment Lawyers Association, Top Business Lawyer of the Year, Top Woman Litigator, Top Employment Attorney and author).

“Mitch’s title, “The Ultimate Guide to Social Media” is very accurate. I love that he goes outside the realm of just focusing on the platforms and marketing end. In fact he utilizes the power of mindset in every aspect of social media usage. He says “understanding the social media mindset is EVERYTHING.” I agree! He also is one of the few business people who advise learning your purpose, your “why”, and demonstrating living in alignment to your purpose on social media. I met Mitch for many years ago, when our law offices were in the same building. I have seen Mitch in action in the courtroom, brainstormed cases with him, and can say first-hand that he is the real deal as a smart, generous and caring human being. It is in his DNA to focus on others to figure out how he can add value to others’ lives. He emphasizes this in this very informative book. Despite using social media for many years, I consider myself somewhat of a neophyte in that realm. Mitch is a great teacher, which is why this book is so valuable. Mitch does an excellent job in distilling down the various platforms in social media. He understands human nature, and lives and teaches the importance of being authentic and transparent in business, as well as treating business connections as the treasured relationships that they are. This book is a MUST-have for everyone!” -Michelle Reinglass, Esq.


Mitch Jackson's bookMore comments about the book here. Grab your copy (Kindle and Audible too) here.