Zoom into Resolution: Revolutionizing Conflict Settlement with Virtual Mediation

In today’s fast-paced world, where time is precious and efficiency is valued, there’s an evolving solution for those seeking to resolve civil disputes: the convenience and effectiveness of virtual mediation via Zoom. Imagine having access to a seasoned mediator with over 30 years of expertise in litigation, mediation, arbitration, and trial experience, all from the comfort of your own home or office. This isn’t just a service; it’s a revolution in how I approach conflict resolution.

Picture this: You’re involved in a dispute, but instead of the hassle of travel, the expense of airfare, and the stress of being in unfamiliar surroundings, you’re navigating the complexities of mediation from your favorite spot in your home. This isn’t just about convenience; it’s a thoughtful, client-centered approach that acknowledges the value of your time and comfort.

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The New “AI Negotiator” GPT AI ChatBot

My team and I just created the AI Negotiator. It’s a FREE GPT-powered chatbot, leveraging my best approaches developed over 30+ years of negotiating multi-million dollar cases in high stress environments. It’s trained on all of my best tips, approaches and advice along with the full content of my two books, “From Courtroom to Boardroom: A Trial Lawyer’s Guide to Winning Negotiations” and “The Mediator’s Handbook: Turning Conflict into Collaboration.”

In business, the AI Negotiator will help you:

-Finalize a project deadline.

-Allocate team resources.

-Negotiate better sales and deals.

-Negotiate salary terms.

-Discuss partnership agreements.

In your personal life you can use it for:

-Splitting a dinner bill.

-Choosing a movie to watch.

-Allocating household chores.

-Setting a meeting time.

-Deciding on a vacation spot.

Everyone can now use this new AI tool to quickly guide them through resolving small and large business deals to everyday personal decisions. Again, the FREE AI GPT negotiation chatbot link is https://mitchjackson.com/ai-negotiation

We share a few more bots here.

Enjoy and much success!

AI Copyright Update: Communication from the ABA to the Copyright Office

The Intellectual Property Law Section of the American Bar Association has presented a series of observations in reaction to the U.S. Copyright Office’s request for comments regarding the intersection of artificial intelligence (AI) and copyright law. With the ABA’s membership spanning a broad range of industries and legal specializations, opinions within the organization naturally vary. However, consensus was reached on several key points:

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The Web3, AI and Metaverse Legal and Business Podcast!

Welcome to “The Web3, AI, and Metaverse Legal and Business Podcast,” the navigator’s companion through the intricate new worlds of technology, crafted with entrepreneurs and creators like you in mind. I’m your host, Mitch Jackson, and I bring to the mic over three decades of legal expertise, ready to be your ally in this exciting journey.

In each episode, we dive deep into the legal aspects of Web3, AI, and the metaverse to bring you focused, actionable advice. My goal is to demystify the complex legal challenges and arm you with the knowledge necessary to protect and propel your ventures in these dynamic digital landscapes.

Think of this podcast as your legal lens through which to view the future of technology—a future where you are empowered and informed. Whether you’re at the forefront of blockchain innovation or crafting your space within the vast metaverse, understanding the legalities is crucial, and I’m here to help you navigate these waters.

So join me as we explore the legal side of the digital revolution. Subscribe to stay updated on all our episodes, share with fellow pioneers seeking to chart their course in this realm, and enjoy the wealth of information available in our past and upcoming episodes. Together, we’ll tackle the challenges and seize the opportunities that await in the world of Web3, AI, and the metaverse. Let’s make your next move your smartest one yet.

Perception vs Perspective

Good mediators and negotiators know the difference between perception and perspective.

They know how to leverage both when building rapport and connecting with others.

Perception is crucial because it’s how you gather information about another person. You need to accurately perceive their body language, tone of voice, and other non-verbal cues. If your perception is off, you might misunderstand their intentions or feelings.

Perspective, however, is key to empathy and relating to others. By considering someone else’s perspective, you can understand where they’re coming from, which can help you connect on a deeper level. Recognizing that someone else may see things differently from you is essential for building rapport.

In the context of building rapport, perspective might be considered slightly more important because it involves actively trying to see and feel things from another person’s point of view, which is fundamental to establishing a connection and trust. However, without accurate perception as a foundation, you might misinterpret their perspective.

So, while perspective might have the edge in importance, it works hand in hand with perception in the process of building relationships.

Both are powerful.

Understanding the difference can change everything.